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Dirty Effect, add on or PNG?

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Hi. First post, so thanks in advance. :)


I was looking at doing, what I call a Dirty Effect, that I had seen on some Ebooks.


And was wondering if it something possible on Paint.net or an add on, or something like a PNG which you layer over your picture.


I have included a small corner with it on (attached)

Anybody guide me in the right direction?



If at first you don't succeed... Hit the ground at greater speed.

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Hey Zombi! Nice avatar :D


This thread covered a similar request: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/107421-what-is-the-best-effect-for-something-like-this/?p=512281


Prior to running Clouds, you'll want to set the Primary color as the sandy color (you might even want a few shades darker than this). Set the secondary color to Opaque (Colors Window > More to find the opacity slider).

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