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Unable to start paint.net

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I have been using Paint.net for quite some time now but one day I tried to open it and it just didnt load so i kept tryng but it still wouldnt work. So i retarted my pc to its factory settings and it still doesnt work. I download it then i downloaded the installer and then the wizard pops up for a split second then disapears any way i could solve this?

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The announcement thread is not for troubleshooting - I'll peel your question out and give it it's own thread in the TroubleShooting section.

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What are your system specs?


What version of paint.net have you got installed?

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You can't download paint.net? Where are you trying to download it from?

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Q1: What version of Windows are you running?

Q2: Have you got .NET 4.6 installed?

1. Make sure you're up to date with all your Windows updates.

2. Download from this link http://www.dotpdn.com/downloads/pdn.html(upper right corner)

3. Extract the zip file.

4. Run the installer.

5. Tell me what happens.

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Have you got .NET 4.6 installed? If not - try installing it before running the paint.net installer.

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Try running the installer with your anti-virus software and firewall disabled.


If that fails, look in your c:\users\User Name\AppData\Local\Temp directory (hint: you can simply type %TEMP% into the address bar of Explorer) for the following files:

  1. PdnSetupShim.log
  2. PdnMsiInstall.log
  3. PdnSetupNgenInstall.log

If you have these post the contents of the first one here.

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--- paint.net SetupShim starting



CoInitialize(NULL) returned 0

Checking OS requirement    

bIsWin7SP1 = true    

bResult = true

EnsureOSRequirement() returned 0

Called EnsureTrustedInstallerIsEnabledAsync()

Checking .NET requirement    

bIsNetfx46Installed = true    

bIsSupportedNetfxInstalled = true    

bIsNetfxInstallerPresent = true

PreInstallPrompt() returned true

InstallNetfx() returned 0

Launching paint.net installer.

bRebootRequired=false Done.

nReturnVal=-532462766 Sleep(1000) --- Exiting


Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Edited to improve readability
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The returned code e0434352 represents a non-specific .NET error. Helpful huh?


Have you tried repairing .NET?


This might also be applicable: http://www.passmark.com/forum/showthread.php?5816-Crash-in-DirectX-9-Complex-test-KERNELBASE-dll-Exception-e0434352-Solved

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The last link I gave is an investigation into the error code e0434352. One of the ways this error is generated is because the system environment variable PATH is too long.


To investigate your PATH, type path in the Search box, click "Edit the system environment variables", and click the "Environment Variables" button.


The max size (in characters) for all these entries is less than 2048. If you have many rows you might be exceeding this length. 


Count them by  cutting and pasting the individual rows into Word. It will give you a character count in the status bar.


If the character count exceeds 2048 you should delete some of the entries. Start with the ones starting "C:/program files/...." and pointing to programs you no longer use regularly.



More here http://betanews.com/2015/11/23/windows-10-finally-adds-a-new-path-editor/

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Under system variables scroll down until you see Path. Highlight it then Edit.


Copy and paste the path into Word then use the word count feature to find out how long it is. Alternatively - paste it into a post here.

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That looks very short. Should be no problem there.

Unfortunately that was my last idea. Without access to you system I have no way to diagnose the error.

I'll keep looking for solutions.

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