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Soft Proofing (Tools Effect)

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This plugin allows Paint.NET to simulate how the current layer will look when printed with the specified color profile.
For best results you should use a calibrated monitor with the OS set to use the appropriate color profile.
The layer can then be exported as a JPEG or TIFF with the target color profile embedded.
If the softproof target is set to None the image will be exported with the input color profile.
While you should be able to preview any color profile, only RGB, CMYK and gray scale profiles can be exported.



The profile conversion is performed using the LittleCMS library.
To install place all 3 dlls in the Effects folder.


Menu location: Effects->Tools->Soft Proofing.




Source Code:

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Reduced memory usage when loading and saving color profiles.
Use static linking to remove the Visual C++ runtime dependency.

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