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Image Canvas Size Help

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Background of what I'm trying to use Paint for  


 I've been using Paint.net to make video comics for my friends. First, I draw out all of the characters for the story. So, there will be one piece of paper that has a whole bunch of different drawings on it. I then


scan that piece of paper so I can get all of the images onto my laptop. After that, I use Paint to cut out parts from the entire image to make a story out of all of the drawings.



My problem =(


  So, I used to be able to use the rectangle select tool to cut out the different drawings I wanted to use to create a story. I would use the tool to select the image I wanted to start with and then cut it and paste it 


so it would become a single image. I would cut out the drawing I want to use first and then click file and new. Once I hit new, the width and height for my image would already be set by Paint. So, I would just click


on edit and then paste so the drawing I wanted became it's own image by itself. Now, when I try to cut and paste my drawings, Paint does not automatically try to adjust the width and height for my images, so my 


drawings end up being too small. When I try to increase the canvas size or resize the image my drawings become too pixely and don't look as crisp. Is there a way to have Paint automatically try to adjust the 


width and height for my images again? 

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Paint.net only asks to increase canvas size if the image being pasted is larger than the current canvas dimensions. If possible, see if you can tell the scanner to save the images with a higher resolution.

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Try altering your workflow...

1. Use rectangle select :RectangleSelectTool: to make the selection.

2. Copy the selection with Ctrl + C.

3. Paste the selection into a new image with Ctrl + Alt + V.

Paint.net will create a new image the same size as the clipboard image, so there is no need to resize.

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