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How can I center the selection on the canvas. Been going in circles reading about plugins that might do this, but it seems that it only centers the item in the selection. I want to center the selected object in the center of the image. I can use another layer if it helps. Are there clear instructions on this?

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Hi derekmhart - welcome to the forum :D

You want to create a centered selection? Like a rectangle or ellipse which is aligned in the middle of the image with regard to height and width?

Ok. There is no easy way to do this with the default selection tools. However, if you get a little creative you can create a shape to use as a selection template.

1. Open your image

2. Add a new layer (empty = transparent) with :AddNewLayer:

3. On the new layer use the Shapes tool to create a filled shape (no outline) with the same dimensions as the area and you want to select.

4. Use Align Object or Object Align to center the Shape.

5. Make sure the Shape layer is highlighted in the Layers Window then activate the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool:

6. Select the Shape to create an active selection.

7. With the selection made, click on the image layer in the Layers Window to switch focus to the layer with the image in it.

8. Copy, move, delete or whatever you wish.

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