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  1. Hey guys, I need a logo made with these specific specs: <snip> Thanks Guys.
  2. Semi Realistic Eyes (Non 3D)

    One thing you can do to make it 3d is use Bevel Selection at 150. Great tut.
  3. Crystal w/o Plugins

    This tutorial will show you how to make a crystal without plugins. This is my first tutorial so hopefully you'll like it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Step 1 Create a new canvas, preferably a square. Step 2 Copy and Paste this in the canvas, expand it to the edges, it's ok if you pixelate/stretch it. Step 3 Invert the colours. You should now have something like this: Step 4 Paste this image into a new layer. Then invert the colours in that layer. Change the layer properties to this: Step 5 In the background layer use effects->distort->crystalize. Use these settings: Step 6 Go to Adjustments->Curves and then play around with the RGB. You can make rubies, sapphires and more using this option. You should now have something like this: Done. Show me your results, I am interested in what else can be done.
  4. Image Umbrella: Desktop Art

    Not the best but I like it. 800x400
  5. how to re-color cars

    Here's a Veyron.
  6. Cutting out images

    Very helpful tutorial.
  7. Graffiti on a wall

    Really Cool!
  8. Concrete Texture tutorial

  9. Trophy Tut

    Very good tutorial.
  10. Chalk Text

    Here's what I got: My new signature!
  11. How to create a "earth type" planet texture

    I like it. Although my drawing failed so I'm not showing it.
  12. How to start a fire with Paint.NET

    Amazing! I got this.
  13. Paint.NET v3.5.10 is now available

    Love this tool. More helpful then Photoshop in my view!