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  1. Version 1.4b now bundles the required DLL. Installation instructions remain the same - copy the PolyGlitch.Effects.dll file into the Effects directory, and copy the CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dll file from the DspToolbox directory to the main Paint.NET directory.
  2. Yes, this will probably only work for PDN 4.x+, because that's all I test it on. Windows XP is 13 years old, long deprecated, and I don't plan to support it. I chose not to bundle the DLL for copyright and licensing reasons, but having looked a little closer it appears that they're operating under MIT license or a similar derivative. I'll re-upload a new version that includes the DLL. That being said, I'd highly suggest installing 7-zip so that you never have to worry about what format an archive is in ever again - it's free, open source, and it'll do zip, rar, tar, gzip, bzip, bzip2,
  3. PolyGlitch v1.4 released. Make sure to check out the notices at the top, as there's now a 3rd party dependency that you'll need to download.
  4. I completely forgot about this thread. I've now at least doubled the number of effects in the plugin! Gimme a while to tidy them up a bit and re-do the documentation, and I'll do an update.
  5. Released v1.2, which adds the Quadratic Looper and Row Shift effects.
  6. Hmm, very odd. I definitely attached it. Let's try again!
  7. This plugin provides a collection of effects designed for glitch art. They're a bit hacky, but then that's what glitch art is all about Latest Version: 1.4b IMPORTANT: As of version 1.4, you will now need to download the CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dll file (DSP Toolbox, not DSP Lab) and place it in the main Paint.NET directory. PolyGlitch will not work without it, as some of the effects now use various DSP functionality. This DLL is now provided as of version 1.4b, and can be found in the DspToolbox directory of the ZIP archive. IMPORTANT: As of version 1.3, the
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