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  1. @stealthed, I don't know if that's what you were going for in your avatar, but it is a clear crop from the sig. You should do the radial selection tool to get the S. IMO, it'd have a greater effect. Otherwise, you did a real nice job.
  2. Woah woah wee woa. I very much enjoy your work. Oddly enough, I like your dusty planet the best. For your sig, I like the ice version more so than the fire, though my favorite color is blue... I will definitely pay more attention to this thread in the future for sure. Great work.
  3. Thanks for all of the comments! Yes, it did come from that tut. I definitely liked how he did that tut. He didn't explain how to use things exactly, such as the curves menu. I almost got frustrated with it, until I had a "duh" moment. Allowed me to learn other possible uses for it.
  4. I agree that it needs a little blending, but why does everyone need to use a stock image? It looks good, maybe just a little touch up. Very nice. (Now I need to start on my work...)
  5. Thanks. I did think that I needed to darken the border a little bit. As for the plane, I wanted the logo on the tail, and that was the best picture I could find. I'm not writing any tutorials. I went to the tut forum and made that sig out of a mix of them, just so I could learn the program.
  6. So I haven't fiddled with any graphics programs in about five years. I got bored last week, and found Paint.NET. I figured I'd hit up a whole bunch of tutorials to figure this program out and get the "creative juices" warmed up and away from the consistency of molasses. Here is my first piece of work in five years for my UPS employee forum. Gimme some CC. And god do I miss phpBB forums. IPB is getting old.
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