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  1. Thanks guy's. I think this will push me in the direction I need to go.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but thats not what I am looking. I will try and explain it different. I dont want the images over top of each other but rather beside each other and maybe over/under each other. A little overlapping would be ok with whichever piece is on top not showing whats behind it. Trying to show an example of what I make. Would like to put several pictures like this one on one image. On the same image but with each thing being reconizable, with my store name overlayed ?
  3. I have tried searching for this and cant find what I am looking for. I am trying to make a logo for my website and maybe some shirts. What I want to do is take several pictures of things I have built and combine them into one image then add my store name over it then change the look to a penciled drawing. I get the penciled part and I think I got the adding my store name part. What I cant figure out is how to combine 3 or 4 pictures and make one image ? Can I do that with paint.net ? Thanks
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