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  1. Thanks, Helen! Storm, I think Oma's advice is good. I've certainly been practicing, but it seems each technique I learn suggests a dozen more that might just be better. I apologize for taking so long to reply. I've been out of town for a funeral.
  2. All of forumer was down. It wasn't something the pdn spambots did. [wink]
  3. That's what layers and blend modes do. Place one image on a layer, another on another layer. Move each one around on the canvas separately using the tools. Flatten the layers when you're done. Play around and read the basic tutorials. Learn the intricacies, and you'll be a wiz in no time.
  4. This might get you started: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/LayersAndBlendModes.html
  5. Perhaps you could start with a canvas size larger than you need. Use the wand to select the "dead" areas of the canvas, then invert the selection to make sure you're only working within the bounded area. Select the image before saving and "crop to selection."
  6. I use lomography on sepia photographs, but that's about it. For most pieces, lomography only tends to serve as a frame. Art looks better in a frame, but digitally painting a digital frame for a digital painting is a step most of us aren't willing to take. The art will be framed when she has this printed and hung on the wall, and the two together will help to draw the eye where it needs to be.
  7. As a new (ish) member, I wouldn't find it terribly restrictive to limit my abilities to post code or images to the board... even if the limit were initially set above my current post count. It might even stop a few of those idiotic tutorials.
  8. I accidentally clicked my own gallery once and got spammed by a bunch of crappy images. Man... did I learn a lesson.
  9. The only way is to have a moderator present at all times. A spammer can create a profile by hand, seem perfectly normal, then blast you.
  10. This guy's gone beyond spam. He's wandered into criminality.
  11. I think it's a heck of a sig. I could nitpick, but it wouldn't improve the effect much. Nice flow, nice lines, great job on the text.
  12. I love that floral wallpaper! It's got a great pop art feel to it.
  13. Thanks all for the encouragement, and the tips. I really appreciate them! Stormshadow - I see what you're saying. I'll work on the grasses behind the tub. I intended this to be a study in green, but I went back afterward and added yellow elements to fit the rule of thirds in an effort to add interest. I hope it worked! Oma, I'm afraid the butterfly is giving me fits. I could paint it, but rendering it is a different animal. I need to learn more about pdn. Don't we all?
  14. I offered a suggestion for the bunny legs, but then deleted it when I noticed that you'd finalized the picture the same day. I didn't want to seem picky. I like the texture on the flower! It seems more realistic, but it doesn't quite suit the green.
  15. It's looking better, Mike. If you're open to requests... I'd love to see that font on a darker background. Can't wait for the tut!
  16. I like it. It could probably use fewer flares for my tastes, but on the whole it's great.
  17. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&num=20&q=paint.net+bricks+plugin&btnG=Search
  18. Rant: People in love with themselves in the art, instead of loving the art within themselves. (paraphrased from a dead russian guy.) One takes criticism as an opportunity to pull the art further outward, the other takes offense at the attack on his object of affection.
  19. The new wander is nice, but I'm still reeling over "lost." Great work here! I have a fondness for spacescapes (all of my desktops come from the hubblesite) and your spacescapes rock.
  20. I usually save a single layer as a png, work on it huge, save it and reduce it, then import it back into a pdn file. My last painting was 2500 x 2000, 100+ layers. If I were painting it for sale, I'd need it bigger (at least 300dpi) but I get what you're saying. And I did read every post on your gallery. Several times. It's a great learning experience.
  21. Just a quick thought... but why can't you double the image size, run jitter, then reduce back to your original size? Wouldn't it give you finer control over the effect?
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