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  1. I'll look into it... However, I happen to know the owner of the site. It should be pretty easy to work with. I'll post back with some more info... Thanks!
  2. Hey Simon, No chance you could add Imagedropper.net/.org?
  3. Yeah, The only difference is color and size. But If you wanted to, you could do green.
  4. ----- Alright everyone this is my first tut on this board. Please give feedback ----- What is Required: paint.NET (duh) Outline Object http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5715 I was on the internet the other day, and I saw this ad: 1: New doccument Make a new doccument. Add a new layer. :AddNewLayer: Delete the "Background" layer. 2: Make a rectangle Make a filled :ShapeInterior: rectangle in this color: 448FFF 3: Let's use some effects! Magic Wand the rectangle. Now make the secondary color: 3550FF. Select the gradient feature: Radial. Make a gradient circle in the middle. 4: Finishing Touches Deselect. (in the Edit menu) Now run the outline object using the following settings: Width: 1 Softness: 99 Color: R:71 G:193 B: 255 Now run the glow tool (under photo>glow) using these settings: Radius: 6 Brightness: -100 Contrast: 10 5: The final effect Create a new layer. :AddNewLayer: Create a white Rectangle over the top of the main one. Set opacity on that layer to 110. 6: Flatten Image CTRL+Shift+F Images Hosted by ImageShack http://www.imageshack.us
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