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  1. Oh my god, I have ever seen something so amazing in this forum! I seriously can't think of a better tutorial than this! Keep up the good work! 12/10
  2. Ew, gross! But still so cool Nice tut!
  3. Wow, just WOW! I really like the snake/tentacle thingy coming out of the hexagon
  4. Wow, I see that there is experienced people here
  5. Wow, thats what I call creativity! It's just absolutely amazing, didn't have the nerves to finish it
  6. ^ Can make cool graphs < Is playing with Paint.NET v Will tell a fact of me
  7. In this tutorial, I teach you how to make a comet like in my sig. PS! *= Optional Step 1. Start a new layer sized: Width: 375 and height: 150. Paint the area with black. Step 2. Choose a color (whatever you desire) and make brush width 25. Click once near the right edge to make a dot. Step 3. Change the brush width to 24. Make an another dot so that it will be about 2/3 over the first dot. Repeat this until your brush width is 3. (Zoom to 200% so that you could be precise and the comet would not curve). Step 4. Choose the white color :Colors: and brush width 20. Repeat the step 3 b
  8. Here's my result: A nice tutorial, really complex and teaching. I did step 14 before step 14. I don't know does that change anything but...
  9. Wow, its os simple yet so effective, I love it! Reminds me of the Godfather movie
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