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  1. just to show what paintNet can do when sunsets.
  2. That has worked, thank you very much for help
  3. I'll try it and see what happens thanks. If it doesn't work I'll come back to you
  4. Hi guys can one of you help me please. I have a problem with the smudge plug in I can use it. I keep download it unzip it put it in the effects folder and go to paintnet software to do some smudging it won't work so I deleted it from the effects folder I repeated this 2 or 3 times and it still not working. Why is it not using properly? any help will be appreciated thanks
  5. I've done that and I can not find these plug ins in the effects file. It'e a pain cos I can't use them I've just had another go in using it and I managed to use it but it's very poor to use. It's very very slow in use.
  6. I have downloaded a couple of plug ins which I can't use. Is there any way I can delete them off from my effects file. One of the plug ins is the reflection. I can't remember the others at the top of my head at the moment. Any help will be appreciated thanks Lorraine
  7. Yes I have but they are old ones. That's it for the time being
  8. I was just mucking about with some of my updated plugins and ended up with this.
  9. Oma!!! I had a go at it and I'm not that impress with it, but I only used for that project it might do well with other projects. Thanks for the tip anyway
  10. Can anybody help me. I want to remove the bars from this picture please. My husband started to use paintNet and he doesn't know how to remove the bars. Any help is appreciated
  11. I had a discussion with my family member with my art work also shown her a few examples, she liked them very much and she asked if I show them off in a gallery I replied no. I was wondering do any of the members had or going to show their art work in galleries and what the responses you had? Once I've got more expereince in this I might show and sell them.
  12. I'm glad it's not just England who has the special day for mothers.
  13. It's not today It's in two weeks time so don't forget you lot
  14. Ha ha I'm ahead of myself. when It's mothers day? I thought it was today! :oops:
  15. To all the mothers out there Happy mothers day. I've made a bunch of flowers for all of you. From Lorri
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