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  1. "Southern Weather" by The Almost. Next is going to be something from the new Seventh Say Slumber worship album. =) It's quite nice.
  2. Nice, dude! I'm also pretty excited about that cd. If you like Falling Up's music style, you might like O.A.T.H. They're a bit heavier and darker, but not constant growling(though the singer does for a few seconds in a few of their songs). Their music is often depressing, but if you look at the "fine text", so to speak, they're always extremely hopeful. They're on myspace at myspace.com/oathic. Check 'em out. Oh, and if you're curious, they're all Christians, and their music reflects that. It's positive, and often Spiritual music. And they're really nice people too. Oh, and yeah, th
  3. "Take Me In" The Kutless version. Not the Petra version. Amazing song, if I say so myself(any version of it, by any band).
  4. "Spy Hunter"-Project 86 Coming up.... "Love Found Me(Love's Got A Hold)"-DecembeRadio *couldn't find video or sample*
  5. Indeed it does, my friend. Indeed it does. I got the Deluxe Edition, and it's stinkin' awesome. Definitley Red's sound, even though their use of violins and pianos has dropped drastically, and Hayden Lamb has been replaced by someone who tends to go a bit quicker on the drums.
  6. I did this a bit back, but tried putting it in front of a picture of Earth.
  7. Well hows about Falling Up, This Fires Embrace, Manic Drive, We As Human, House of Heroes, and Jonah 33? Oh my gosh! I love TFE! Fighting Instinct anyone? They're very professional sounding. DecembeRadio, followed by East West, Demon Hunter and Seventh Day Slumber, respectively. You guys have some very nice taste in music.
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