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  1. (standing in corner) I did, ok ok alittle bit LOL
  2. Tophat like what you did to it 9.9 oh sorry steve 8.5 just because tophat said he did 50 layers hehe
  3. Happy Birthday my brother from another mother...Hope you had a Rocking good day
  4. when I clean up the eraser edge yes I select it then use the feather
  5. Me I use the feather plugin and it cleans up the Eraser really good but thats my inside on it Hope that helped you
  6. (looking threw the window) great job your doing wonderful work like them all great job.
  7. No, just incomplete. It would require a massive reconstruction of the plugin system to do what you're suggesting. Not to butt in here, But I would think it would be something to look into as to have a place to update plugins I do understand that it would be something to reconstruct the whole plugin system but as P.D.N grows, and it's growing pretty dam fast from what I have seen as you add more plugins to the system it would be better to look into doing something like that now then later.. just my thought on it..
  8. Mike I would like to thank you for making a better understanding of the levels...
  9. EDIT: Not all of these features are in Vista but you know what I mean! Apparently features such as: ^How is that supposed to work? :? There is no telling with microsoft it's like with most big companys most don't know what the others are doing and can't get it together if they had too..
  10. very nice job you did there Max...loved the fan from page 1 and the earth keep up the great work
  11. You did a great job.. Here is one I did could'nt get the fire right..
  12. Andy I would have to say you did a great job on it really like the way the dots look. and max love the falling dice I have'nt tryed that one yet but I did do some reading on that one. But me like a lot of the rest. You guys help so much in here that it gives us a lot to learn and understand but that thanks goe's out to all of you that do work on making this program. and helping everybody to understand it Thank you all again.
  13. (bending on hands and knees) it works thank you great one, thank you LOL.. but it did work out great, you have no idea what I have been going threw about that one
  14. Yea bro, I know that, I will try it like you said and hell if I thought it would show something that is'nt there wow I would have to stand in the corner for sometime on that one LOL but really thanks and I will give that a shot.
  15. No not really but thanks. what I'm trying to do is say you have a car pictures, the side of that car front to back now I want to tilt it alittle so you can see more of it from the front to back
  16. I can move a picture from side to side and around, upside down, but for the life of me reading the help file searching in here. I can't find away to turn a picture from front to back as meaning to tilt pictures sideways and I know I read it here some place just can't remember where
  17. Quote removed, Please don't quote in personal gallery, and quote post right above yours. I would have to say very good job with what you have done so far your on your way...great job..
  18. I can think of at least a thousand of them! Here's one: Sorry for butting in but thats a big one right there. And I have tryed P.S. and I really did'nt like it as much, I did spend a lot of time trying to understand it but most of the time is spend trying to find something and with PDN, It's a lot clearer and a lot better to understand. I have come so much further with this in a big way, Well I think I have but thats me...
  19. Very good work there Janet love your work.
  20. http://www.flickr.com/photos/patterbt/2231461153/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/elissamae/272895034/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/toddsheridan/176745004/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/robintremblay/292797308/in/set-72157594386707468/ Delirium: Confusion (disorientation) about time or place Decrease in short-term memory and recall Unable to remember events since delirium began (anterograde amnesia) Unable to remember past events (retrograde amnesia) Disrupted or wandering attention Inability to think or behave with purpose Problems concentrating. Well yall here is my first ever
  21. why not don't got nothing to lose and a brand new car if I win right hehe.... (looking to the top of the book case) there's that dirty thing....(Delirium for dummy's) got it.
  22. Dude, I really like your work, learning a lot from you.
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