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  1. Well rick what can I say, When your sitting at that computer table thinking to your self what if I do this, and what if I do that, Just remember where happy just the way it is...and everything more you bring to the table is a blessing so thank you again..
  2. Lost me at we have a problem haha...but I think we have the right group on the job. Just messing with yall you do great work, great program
  3. very nice I like them you did a great job..
  4. really like your work david really nice your sigs are
  5. really nice I like it also very good job..
  6. well vista I think it looks great but on the right hand side it shows half of the white box like a side show but other then that looks great
  7. Well I downloaded it and it did what it says it will, I like the layout and it's going to be great for new people like me to better understand about the plug-in's and where they go, great job..10/10
  8. Happy Birthday Ice Hope you had a great one
  9. thanks 007 and mike for the info just kick on back and wait and see.
  10. How do we find out who won I know it's not me but still would like to see
  11. all of them are great but that lost behind one is the best
  12. I like the top one also it's got more color in it but thats me..
  13. Now I would have to say thats really cool great job also
  14. Hey you did a great job on them and the earth one rocks great job again.
  15. Hey LiLmo like it you did a great job on it and this is a great program, I was lost at first but learning my way around it, hell I'm still lost LoL but getting better.
  16. Well for me being the new guy and I mean new I don't have a problem with something being closed because I have'nt had a problem finding what I'm looking for, Most of it is in the start of your tut and I just read on because a lot of people have added to it, but really I think the people that are modding it know when it's time to close something. can't drive over your house and do it for you right (looking around) can you hehe. But really for the people that are making them thank you.. and if I have stepped out of line I'm sorry. keep up the great work yall.
  17. Congratz Myrddin I have'nt asked you nothing yet but don't worry I will. Being that new kid on the block hehe. Shot of jack!
  18. Well top hat like I said 9.9 ok don't laught to hard still messing around with all the plug-ins trying to find my place in the big city of P.D.N.
  19. yea ok and I like cats too had a white one with blue eyes she died after 14 years and I have'nt been able to get another one since funny what them little sucks can mean to someone
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