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  1. 9/10 It's Cool and "spacey" :AddNoise: :AddNoise: :AddNoise: <---Stars
  2. @Hamed: You could also duplicate the text layer, change the color of the bottom text layer to what you want, gaussian blur it at 3, and duplicate and merge that layer until it's opaque. it's in a tut somewhere EDIT: or use this... http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21527&p=119680&hilit=glossy+text#p119680
  3. I made this odd swirly thing... Please don't ask how i made it... i have NO idea... :oops:
  4. That's cool! I'm Working on a truck Here it is so far... Always the best
  5. I am a complete noob to posting on a forum and need help... As you can see by my sig :MdiList: ... it is incredibly pathetic :oops: i need help to put a sig picture I already made into the sig space. I have no idea how... Please help me!
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