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  1. 42! Oh... Wrong answer... Why is it Paint.NET, and not Paint.COM or Paint.CO.UK?
  2. Images added... Light "Fixed" Comments Appreciated
  3. *fibrous dysplasia of bone (fahy-bruh s dis-pley-zhuh uhv bohn) - noun: a disturbance in which bone that is undergoing lysis is replaced by an abnormal proliferation of fibrous tissue resulting in bone lesions or skin lesions
  4. Well he could've used Fireworks... Possibly And your avatar is ok... A bit too clashy with the white and black... 8/10 And mine... Well... It's Beautiful! 700/9 for me! Just kidding...
  5. Yeah... They'd neutralize each other... no? :?:
  6. That could be a potential health problem...
  7. fibrous dysplasia of bone :? :?: :?
  8. :shock: :shock: Brain.....hurts.....so.....much!
  9. That's why the freezer was invented. Obviously...
  10. You could try motion blur but with the 'Centered' Option un-checked... Anyway... Welcome to the Forums! And my Av <-- And My Sig ↓↓
  11. New Picture Added! Comments Greatly Appreciated!
  12. Ok… You’re right. But I can judge you by your height. I'm writin' a play! Weeeeeeeeeee!!
  13. Here's two I made... These are also in my gallery ↓↓
  14. I use Vista-areo I guess... That's what it says... :? :?: And the icon that Myrddin asked about is Adblock Plus I don't know why I pixel-ated it
  15. I know... I did... That's really odd, how it works on some computers and it doesn't work on others... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  16. Nice! I really like your sig! The text fits and the contrast-y-ness is good, too! 9/10
  17. Because 1+1=300 billion Why is PdN a .exe file?? Couldn't it be a .jpg or a .Pdn?
  18. Here's my small screen 1024 X 768 :oops:
  19. Nice! I Like the twist! 8.5/10 [a bit blurry] And yes, my sig is 100% PdN I can send you a watermarked PdN if you want... PM me...
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