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  1. ♪♫♪♫♪♫ Time - Pink Floyd ♪♫♪♫♪♫
  2. Everybody grab a burger at McJourney's!!! This is my contribution to the town
  3. kk thanks journey, ill do that now yay thanks edit: im the first female resident!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Here is a coca-cola font you can download from Hope that helps you!
  5. i know you are talking about how if things where on an angle it would work, i quickly made this, is this what you mean?
  6. heres some french ones: bibliotheque - French for "Library", pronounced beeb-lee-oh-tech Meli-Melo - French for "Mixed and matched," pronounced may-lee-may-low Dejeuner - French for "snack," or "lunch," pronounced Day-je-nay bisou - French for "Kiss," pronounced bee-zoo VIVA QUEBEC!!!!
  7. Narnia! (haha, that time there was an n) wait a secound...what post # is this.. ...OMG!!! HAHA! YESS!!! I am officially not a noob!
  8. 3 cheers for Rick! Hip hip, HURRAY! Hip hip- well you get the point.
  9. The Example pic in the tut is so pretty!
  10. Nobody hates photoshop, we're just poking fun at them. (We ARE photoshop Jr. after all)
  11. You can already save things as JPEG :wink:
  12. i have a new sig, guys! this time I made it, so It's not as great as the one gold one darkshock made me. :wink:
  13. Journey you might want to take a look at the top of the thread oh...oops. i guess I read it wrong. Sorry :oops:
  14. 7/10 "Paint.NET...get it..before IT GETS YOU!!"
  15. I like that! Mind you PDN never has actually had a slogan, has it . . . oh..oops. :oops:
  16. Just for fun, lets see who can make the best paint.Net slogan, here are the instructions: -Type your slogan, and rate the slogan of the poster above you. Ill start, (excuse the cheesiness ) "Getting is something you'll never regret" XD
  17. Well, I do have both Firefox and IE, I think they are equally good, but i use internet explorer more, i just like the look of it. the back and foreward buttons are so pretty! i want to make them in pdn, it would be kind of easy i can imagine, does anybody know how to make them?