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  1. ♪♫♪♫♪♫ Time - Pink Floyd ♪♫♪♫♪♫
  2. Everybody grab a burger at McJourney's!!! This is my contribution to the town
  3. kk thanks journey, ill do that now yay thanks edit: im the first female resident!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Here is a coca-cola font you can download from dafont.com Hope that helps you!
  5. i know you are talking about how if things where on an angle it would work, i quickly made this, is this what you mean?
  6. heres some french ones: bibliotheque - French for "Library", pronounced beeb-lee-oh-tech Meli-Melo - French for "Mixed and matched," pronounced may-lee-may-low Dejeuner - French for "snack," or "lunch," pronounced Day-je-nay bisou - French for "Kiss," pronounced bee-zoo VIVA QUEBEC!!!!
  7. Narnia! (haha, that time there was an n) wait a secound...what post # is this.. ...OMG!!! HAHA! YESS!!! I am officially not a noob!
  8. 3 cheers for Rick! Hip hip, HURRAY! Hip hip- well you get the point.
  9. Nobody hates photoshop, we're just poking fun at them. (We ARE photoshop Jr. after all)
  10. You can already save things as JPEG :wink:
  11. i have a new sig, guys! this time I made it, so It's not as great as the one gold one darkshock made me. :wink:
  12. Journey you might want to take a look at the top of the thread oh...oops. i guess I read it wrong. Sorry :oops:
  13. 7/10 "Paint.NET...get it..before IT GETS YOU!!"
  14. I like that! Mind you PDN never has actually had a slogan, has it . . . oh..oops. :oops:
  15. Just for fun, lets see who can make the best paint.Net slogan, here are the instructions: -Type your slogan, and rate the slogan of the poster above you. Ill start, (excuse the cheesiness ) "Getting Paint.net is something you'll never regret" XD
  16. Well, I do have both Firefox and IE, I think they are equally good, but i use internet explorer more, i just like the look of it. the back and foreward buttons are so pretty! i want to make them in pdn, it would be kind of easy i can imagine, does anybody know how to make them?
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