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  1. Only the second coolest guy ever! [other than me of course ] Whats the site for deviant art?
  2. I'm in th DA chatroom if anyone wants to talk....
  3. I don't support either, but between those two, Microsoft.
  4. I got this problem the first few times I tried installing it. Try instaling it a few more times. But before you try that, try repairing it.
  5. I hope this is supposed to be a joke, thats the wost music ive ever heard.
  6. [45] Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob [40] Pizza, Salad, Bread sticks [25] Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberries
  7. I took a pic or a river in colchester and edited the water.
  8. Rasengad, that has no originality what so ever. If you start from scratch on them, instead of doing it from a tutorial, you'll score better.
  9. Thas not fair, I'm hungry, and I live in Vermont! You should move.
  10. Thats the longest chemical name, of which most of are in Latin.
  11. Thats right, no icons, not even a recycle bin
  12. I have Windows XP with a Vista brico I have all my material in my rocketdock, and the only things I have on my desktop are my recycle bin and an invisible folder. I tried moving the bin into the invisible folder, but that only makes more shortcuts. I already have a recycle bin in my dock, and I don't want two! I want everything in my dock. Is there any possible way to hide it? I don't care if it involves DOS or RegEdit, I just want it gone
  13. I'm surprised the mods didn't ask you to change th title. It says repeated punctuation is very obnoxious.
  14. I dare TPBM to stretch their sig and wear it
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