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  1. Rick, sorry for posting in the wrong section. Yes, this is that cold start time that I posted. It takes only 1 second or so load for the second time. It probably has something to do with .NET libraries being too large on 64bit? I don't know...I'm not a programmer But the issue is, sometimes I just want it to open once, edit something and save. Waiting for a whole 10 seconds (maybe slightly less, but you get the point...it is SLOW!) just for that is insane... Is there a workaround...? I mean, not from within the program, but a tweak or something, to do in Windows? (Mind you this is on Vista x64 with C2D, 4GB RAM....)
  2. x64 version is great, but what I can't take is the time it takes to load up. 32bit version loads up instantly. x64 takes as much as 10 seconds!!! any way to make it load faster?
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