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  1. Whenever I want to put an image in a sig or avatar, the image will have a frame around it and then I can only put text in that part of the frame around the picture. Am I moving the picture the wrong way or what?
  2. Hello, Right now I'm trying to cut out an image but I'm having this problem. I'm drawing the outline with the line/curve tool around the image on a second layer. Then use the magic wand to delete the unwanted background. But then I'm positive there's no spaces in the my outline, and yet when I do use the wand the wand will select parts of the image part I'm actually wanting to cut out. And then sometimes it selects the right area, but then I can't delete the background. It just does nothing when I press delete. So yeah, two problems occurring at different times. But both stop me from cutting out images. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I'm using this tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21853 I've been coming up with this problem. It says to make the gradient transparent, but when that person used it transparent it showed. Another problem is that my original picture would never show again because the one layer supposedly needs to be black. Am I just doing something wrong or what? Please help.
  4. Thanks you made me search a bit and I found the file where FF downloads it too. Thanks!
  5. mine is coming as a .dll file. and my computer won't open the file to extract it. remember mozilla firefox downloads different than IE. and i did look at that plugin download how to topic.
  6. I'm trying to download a plug-in using Mozilla Firefox but the downloaded file isn't showing on my Desktop nor can my computer find the program to open it up. So how do I get it where it should be in the Effect File in my Paint.NET? Any ideas? Do I need to download something to open it up?
  7. How do you cut around images on Paint.NET? THanks any help is appreciated.
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