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  1. I was doing A planet tutorial when I discovered an illusion, Just use Shape3d, but use Half sphere map, then rotate Axis 2 slowly, and there will be an illusion.
  2. You look through all the pages of "You know you're addicted to Paint.NET/the PDN forum when..." to see if what your thinking of has been done before...
  3. Im sure Im using CustomBrushMini, but when I click add brush, they dont show up, they are a PNG file, but how do I add them
  4. Well iv'e downloaded CustomBrushMini and there's no Brushes. So I try to download some PNG Brushes And try to add them, but they wont come up when I search for them, what do I do?
  5. 10/10 Wins so much Dare - Gorillaz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCy928QJCDE
  6. I really dont think I followed the tutorials right :
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