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  1. PhillyD ftw. Though, hes a yanks fan. :evil:
  2. I think I saw that either on sxephil or =3. Epic vid.
  3. I got pushed into the gator exhibit at the zoo when I was 6. Haha, that could have ended VERY badly. Dragons breathe fire. Alligators do not. I see no connection here. Was I laughing at what he said? No. Was I trying to be funny? No. Was I telling a REAL story of what has happened to me as a kid that I find funny because I experienced it? Yes. Quit making no sense. E: If you check the page before this, we were talking about crazy stuff we've done and gotten hurt. Maybe read up a bit before blindly quoting and posting.
  4. If you're trying to be funny, you're not. I got pushed into the gator exhibit at the zoo when I was 6. Haha, that could have ended VERY badly.
  5. I got one the day they came out. It broke 5 months later and I haven't touched it since. It scratches anything you put in it and doesn't read gamecube games anymore.
  6. What time is it EST right now? I don't know if my computer autochanged.
  7. I doubt I would mind it too, too badly. Ever since I dislocated my jaw, had a spinal tap, and nearly cutting my own fingers off (by accident).. I think I'll be fine.
  8. Good.. point... I think LFC is falling for their trap! To the batma..... nvm.
  9. Haven't broken a bone.. yet. :twisted: Though I'm surprised. I've skated off 10 foot leaps and busted my butt many of times. Never once broken an arm or an ankle or anything. Now spranged.. yes.
  10. Are you really whining about this? If you made it up, then you should have posted a tutorial. Been less selfish. :? Great work chad. Very realistic texture.
  11. Well, I've done it before. It wasn't like we were just trying it out. Though it probably did irritate my skin, its all good after a nice, warm shower. I've done a lot stupider stuff. Like even tonight.. we took hair spray and lighters and made fireballs. :twisted:
  12. Psh. Four 15 year olds don't care if we hurt our skin. EVERYONE loved out costumes.
  13. Why didn't they just launch it with two colors.
  14. We went as glowmen. I bought some glow sticks and we cut them open and covered ourselves with the fluid. It started itching, but it had such a cool effect.
  15. I want an iMac. Though I'm getting an intuos 4 for christmas.
  16. I just remembered. I made that .gif 2 days ago using my iSight on my mac and a basic gif animator. But I just got a haircut yesterday.. all of it was chopped off.
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