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  1. I need to replace my laptop with a desktop PC. However, before making a purchase I thought I'd ask here.


    I need a durable computer, affordable, not a Mac computer, and a PC that has great memory, space, etc. I do a lot of drawing on the computer, but not to the point where I need to spend thousands of dollars on a PC. 


    Which one is best for graphic design, illustrating, etc...?

  2. @Pixey It's actually Hong Kong--one of the places in Kowloon. Thank you! :):) Missed you Pixey!!


    @Woodsy Oh, I love detail. It's very time-consuming for books especially, but it pays off in the end. Thank you!! And thank you for leaving such kind words.


    New image posted...dedicated to my PDN friends!! A new glossy I made. The flowers are a photo I took of. And @Ego Eram Reputo thank you again for everything!


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