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  1. TonyN is visiting us from Spain. He may not have English as his first language. I believe that Pixey and BoltBait made the connection: TonyN is talking about the Effect dialogs opening in the center of the screen. @TonyN The dialog opens in the center of the screen by design. You can't change that. What you can do is move the dialog by dragging it by the title bar (the blue strip in Pixey's image). Oh, and welcome to the forum
  2. You can open PS files with the PS plugin. To change the text you're going to have to delete the existing text and replace it.
  3. PNG's support frames & animation. Try this Filetype plugin BTW: seen this?
  4. You'll get a larger palette and much nicer transparency if you switch to *.png. GIFs are limited to 256 colors and use dithering to fake more colors. Plus GIF only has one alpha (transparency) setting - on or off. With PNGs you get a huge palette and an alpha channel with 256 different steps.
  5. Will @Red ochre's Flourish plugin do the job?
  6. Brilliant.
  7. @earthangel does not remove plugins or fonts when updating. The only thing you might find following an upgrade, is one or two older plugins which might no longer be supported. Can you give us a specific example of a plugin which is going 'missing'?
  8. The image might have layers if it was a PS file...
  9. Too intricate IMO. I thought the 'objects' were going to be simpler. An Egg, baseball bat, cup, smoke, etc..., Look how many entries there were for the baseball.
  10. Yeah. Naah. It's a Jabberwocky
  11. Light between Oceans 6/10 Meh. Weak characters and fairly contrived plot. The attempt to redeem the plot by adding 11th hour moral 'twist' did not work. Fassbender was wooden. I know he was supposed to be a recovering war vet, but he played the character without emotion. My partner and I had high hopes for this film. Lacking any sort of empathy for the main characters we struggled to finish it. Jack Thompson playing the salty, wise old Captain was the most enjoyable character.
  12. I'd add a new layer with a contrasting rectangle in it the exact size of the original text. When the image is resized the rectangle will also resize, in proportion. Use the Text tool to fill the rectangle with replacement text (hint: type first then use the font size control to adjust the overall size). You can position the new text with the four way arrow icon.
  13. Here's another angle: would a plugin that showed Exif data be useful? Layer count: Ctrl + Shift + N = add new layer. It will have the layer number appended to the layer name. Ctrl + Z removes the extra layer.
  14. If you change the configuration of an image presents a dialog asking you to confirm the way you want it saved. Clicking to confirm is the way's developer (Rick) get you to take responsibility for the new state. For instance I recall instances of users who are annoyed their multi-layered image has been flattened when saving as a JPG. They clicked OK without thinking. That was a mistake. In short. I don't think there will *ever* an option to disable the prompt.
  15. Its a massive image. Expect any image processor to show a performance hit.