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  1. Well, he's alive. And, as it appears, capable of fear as shown by his vow-taking... But, in all seriousness, his inaugural speech was brilliant. It'll be good to have an accomplished orator in the White House. But not as funny...
  2. Heh, the link just sends you to one of those "search" pages...
  3. If it came with a decent hard drive, I would buy one. But, every PMP producer except Archos seems to be abandoning the humble hard drive in favour of the flashier flash drive, and thin profiles for their products. I would willingly sacrifice size for not having to downgrade my audio file quality or cycle stuff around my iPod every few weeks...
  4. He/she/it's more ambiguous than Bowie was in his glam days...
  5. Oy... Please don't give me a reason to bring that up again!
  6. I shall use it when it has two things: a) Mouse gestures Ubiquity
  7. Uh, remember the whole Socialism debate? It went on for about two weeks, and was most interesting.
  8. Well, everywhere isn't a bad place to start... At least you're not biased that way. That said, every genre has its good moments, it's just a pity they don't get heard more...
  9. The mainstream was better before massive conglomerates got their monopoly-grabbing hands on it. Anyone heard any good sort of fast, edgy music with a touch of funk, by a band no-one's ever heard of? I would love to hear some music like that... I've had a bit of a '70s live acoustic binge lately...
  10. Hmm... I took a leaf out of Eraser's book, and it is a lot deeper than the "Indie" moniker normally implies, but I just can't get into it; it's too static for me, too structured and chorus-y. Don't get me wrong, I like songs with choruses as much as the next person, but not when a song's trying to be mature and deep, I hate repetition. I don't mind a repeated snippet of lyric, especially if it's a good lyric and most importantly it doesn't disrupt the flow of the piece: no matter how good the rest of the piece is, if it stops and goes back to a previous bit, identical to that, then it just destroys the flow of the song. Coldplay have improved with Eno producing though; he adds his trademark synth flourishes and livens it up a bit, but they still sound too mass-produced for me... On the subject of Mass Production, though: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VjeoaOxx_Ec
  11. Well, I've just seen this, and thanks to whoever nominated me! Gawd did I deserve that nomination!
  12. Have you tried the connectors? Maybe they're bust, or something similar has gone.
  13. God, tell me about it. Mass from a reaction is the only thing I can't do in the entire chemistry syllabus.
  14. Wow. No posts since Sunday. Aren't we all happy people today?
  15. *rimshot* They aren't chips, those scratty things from MacDonalds! Real chips are big, fat, fluffy on the inside and crunchy! Like these: Makin' you hungry, hum?
  16. Hold on. If Belgium doesn't exist, where did French Fries come from then?
  17. No, no, no! Coldplay is not good, whatsoever, I am afraid to say. It is bland, it is boring: in short it is perfect mass-market music designed to appeal to the easy-listening-soft-rock crowd as much as the "indie" crowd and the crowd who listen to the commercialised radio stations which play the same bland hits at the same time every day. Their use of Brian Eno in Vida la Vida was, frankly sacrilege: how such a talented musician and producer could have put his name to that record is a mystery to me. You kiddies should be listening to this: http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:g9fpxq90ldke It has brought me true happiness since I got it off of eBay a couple of days ago, especially the bonus track.
  18. What is this related to, pray tell? Anything monumentally awe-inspiring we should be anticipating?
  19. Pshaw! You have school! You lucky, lucky sons-of-female canines! As soon as I go back, it's mock time!
  20. Hold on, how can you get 109% of the available grades for a subject? 109%? Iz confuzed...
  21. You could still try. It's what eBay's there for...
  22. The best thing about being born and growing up in the 90s is probably the technology. No other generation has had it from an early age, and we're the only ones who really have an innate knowledge of how to use it. Apart from those enlightened Generation X'ers. And they are really very few and far between...
  23. Noooooooooooooooooo... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7798973.stm Zavvi has folded! Goodbye, cheap music! Now all my album purchases will have to cost over £15 from HMV... :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: Not on my birthday! *sobs*
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