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  1. We all know what would happen. It would be riddled with advertising, store all your private data until kingdom come, and privacy groups would complain endlessly. But we'd still all use it.
  2. http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/19/the-conficker-worm-april-fools-joke-or-unthinkable-disaster/ is not a comforting thought at all.
  3. No, there is still a British Empire, albeit very small and not called that. Britain still owns a few small islands such as Montserrat, and the Queen's head of state of Australia. If only Myrddin was here, he could tell us in what I imagine would be a far more detailed version.
  4. Wow! Where is that? I'm going with Bruges or Brussels.
  5. My rant: I bought a cheap acoustic guitar off of eBay. It came, and for a time, it was good, until the neck started to bend, and I was advised to replace the steel strings with nylon ones. I did that today, and after tuning it perfectly, to a chromatic tuner, half an hour later, it had detuned itself, each and every string by a semitone. I tuned it again, and 30 minutes later, my E string plays an E flat, my A string plays an A flat, my D string plays a D flat, and my G string... :wink:
  6. Well, I guess there's the fact that our culture is more advanced, ... my mom discovered the Way of "eating healthy." You don't become fat, you're happier, and your taste buds actually grow more sensitive since you're generally eating blander foods. More advanced? Since when did laziness equate to cultural advantage? And healthier foods are blander? WTH? The last time I had a McDonald's burger, it was definitely less flavoursome than a good joint of beef or lamb, or the sweet potato soup upon which I have recently dined. Mmm... Cumin... Uh. Grr.
  7. I'd love the carve/liquid resize one. I would use it so much for my work. It would make it so much easier to get those images onto A4 paper.
  8. What's wrong with teaching people to cook nutritional, wholesome and economical meals? They are cheaper than the take-outs that the morbidly obese must inhale daily, have more nutritional content, and are less likely to make the cook swell up like a balloon. Then there is the joy of actually eating the fruits of one's labour. What is wrong with learning to cook in today's world? It seems that every generation prior to us could, so why should we stop the ball rolling?
  9. I have some very cynical pontifications about shizzle, and I've been meaning to put them up onto a blog, but I just don't seem to have the energy left in me to do so...
  10. Bleurgh. But, the site does have a very good eBay feedback generator on that site. Grr... :evil:
  11. MY RANT: Surely it's possible to converse in the form of a rant? Grr... :evil:
  12. Well, I'd love that. Randall could be the dictator of the Western world in a week if his army of black-hat-men pushes north quickly enough. Wouldn't that be wonderful? We'd all be educated in the finest nerd arts, and be entertained by the most exquisite geek wit...
  13. Bagel shmear? Oy, why not try proper lox and schmear, like bubbeh used to make. Gevalt... Translation: It may be advantageous, in terms of taste, perchance to partake of genuine smoked salmon and soft cream cheese, prepared in the same manner as your grandmother.
  14. Trilby, Bowler, Bearskin Name 3 '60s psychedelic bands.
  15. Or, is a mobile setting appropriate at all for what can be used as a professional graphics design tool? The screen on a mobile is small, with an inferior gamut and contrast ratio, and you wouldn't be able get the accuracy, even on the most accurate of capacitive touch-screens on a phone, compared to a humble $5 mouse. Just why bother? You might as well ask Adobe to port Photoshop CS4 onto an iPod Touch.
  16. My extreme happiness: I'm going to see Michael McIntyre!
  17. No, GCSE Geography is the worst of the worst. It's just such a leap up from the other courseworks you've got to do, and it's only 25 frackin' per cent of the total mark! /me wishes he'd taken something else.
  18. Transition elements (Wiki this) have high melting points, in particular, Tungsten (Wiki this).
  19. Simple. We put him in a metal cube submerged inside a big cube filled with water. When he burns, giving off all his stored-up chemical energy as kinetic, the heat will conduct through the walls of his box into the water, which will start to boil. Then we harvest the energy given off when the steam condenses on a cold metal plate and is forced to evaporate again as a convection current drags it around, or use a turbine powered by the steam.
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