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  1. For me, snow is a rarity; snow deep enough to justify a day off school a statistical anomaly created by strange places up north. Like Scotland.
  2. I know, it's completely misogynistic. It's a wonder how that aberration was even deemed fit for publishing: there must be some quality control in EMI/Sony BMG. I'm not normally against censorship, but there are just some cases...
  3. In other news, Soulja Boy is now statistically the song that you are most likely to hear oozing out of some chav's tinny Sony Walkman phone speaker before the aforementioned hooded lout shanks you well deep innit.
  4. Revenge, I just love that background pattern! Where did you get it from?
  5. I've honestly never seen snow deep enough to ski in.
  6. Actually Dan, I prefer the PS3's game list and UI to that of the Xbox 360, but my overwhelming feeling when seeing a PS3 goes something like "I wonder what they keep in that fridge?". The problem I have with the PSP now is that Sony have brought out two new iterations of the PSP and are releasing a third, none of which have the power to use key indices in wireless network configuration: something which my Dad's PC man advised him to do. So, now there ain't no internet connection available. Mind you, we all know what the best handheld console is: the Gameboy Colour! I still have the yellow one which I got after asking my grandfather for "a Gameboy and Pokemon Yellow," he thought I meant a yellow Gameboy, with no game... Ah well, Stalker Pikachu just had to wait a while, whilst I amused my parents by turning it on and off in front of them, and showing off the Nintendo splash screen. Ah, happy days... *Nostalgia*
  7. Dude, the PSP hasn't had any good, original A-list games out for it for really quite a while. I haven't heard of one since FF7: Crisis Core, certainly, and the PSP Plus feature is just sheer stupidity. Why hook a PSP, a portable console, up to the large black Frigidaire that is the PS3, just to play PSP games with the PS3 console when you can just play a superior game with the PS3?
  8. Now that says it all. Brilliant advert though, it really makes me want to buy that little white thing that you stand on!
  9. I reckon the Wii would be so much better if Nintendo would just. Stop. Putting. Out. Those. Bloody. Happy-family. Adverts. In the UK, at least. No one wants to see a happy ickle unrecognisable celebrity family speaking in their effluent-like tones about "Oh, oi orlwarys enjoi beetin' yoo!!1eleven!". It just ruins Nintendo's image for me. I know that they are a family-orientated brand, but please, for the love of all that is holy, quit it with the damn happy families sitting in a soul-less living room set playing a game that you barely see. The focus should be on the game and the console, not the hard-up former celebrities whom Nintendo can shanghai into their ad campaigns. Mind you, the Virtual Console is a good idea. There are so many classics that no one has much access to, but should have. And, yes Dan, I agree with you on the motion controls, though I heard that Nintendo are revising their designs on the Wii-mote, using gyroscopes or some such wizardry to make games like Red Steel playable... The dual-stick design is a winner though, especially Sony's Dualshocks which have always seemed the most comfortable for my smaller-than-average hands.
  10. My rant: Whatever happened to gaming consoles being about the games? The clue is hidden somewhere in the name...
  11. Yes, but one, Vista?'s about 11 if I remember correctly, and most old-timers here know that full well, and two, Boltbait's a mod: it's bad conduct to speak like that, surely?
  12. RANT: Aren't you nice... Or is that a more general, sweeping, nihilistic statement? RANT 2: The GBP-USD exchange rate has driven the price of Ultimate Ears (Wiki this)' products riiiight up...
  13. You will work for The Company. My minyan of minions shall make sure of it!
  14. I dread to think of what you might do with them... :shock:
  15. Dude, ya don't say. We've been having ridiculous temperatures here in the UK too. Last year, April was our summer: it was 30 C plus here. And, anyone saying that towns haven't been flooded yet: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/7719501.stm A whole country prepared to move out of their homeland, and their first new president for 30 years scraping together funds to do it? And who's saying that global warming's a myth?
  16. Nice site, uH. I'm listening to Good To Lose by The Sapiens currently.
  17. The Hub? Remind this old man what The Hub is... His memory has long since failed me. And his general knowledge of semantics.
  18. Sounds really very painful... Especially if you use big hardback textbooks in class. Owie.
  19. I just feel sorry for the kids... How much of a normal childhood would they get in the White House, puppy or no? And thank you for settling the healthcare issue magnanimously: as much as I support debate, and started it, it seemed to be getting out of hand... Thanks for ending it quietly guys.
  20. Hear hear: even if you don't believe that global warming will affect us, we should stop laying waste to the Earth. It's got to support us and our children, after all.
  21. Sozo, that is nothing more than just another example of the very arrogance that made the rest of the world condemn America many a time during the Bush years. Oh, and David, you may give money to, say, Cancer Research or some other good cause, but if that was done with most money, the survival rate for certain illnesses would be 174% and poverty in Africa would be alleviated, but America would have no infrastructure whatsoever. We need something to tell us where the money's going, or otherwise it would become impossible. And, consider if we only gave to charity instead of paying taxes: charities would essentially start to compete for your freed up money, and we would have a very goodwilled rout on our hands.
  22. Only if you hire another one. The first lot have already been dispatched... No Agent 47 for them, just a guy off of Craigslist for them! Hey, whatever, he has good feedback.
  23. Yes, and if one gives to a charitable organisation, does one have the choice of where the money goes to? Can one send their envelope stuffed with green paper into Save the Whatever with a note on it, "EXPRESS, TO MRS. HIGGINBOTHAM @ NO. 42 ONLY!"? No. the money goes to where the charity chooses. Where's the difference?
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