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  1. Is it possible to make it compatible?
  2. Hi I have a Samsung tablet and I want to know if I can download PDN on it?
  3. Hello All, Is it possible to put thumbnails next to a title in the posts in the pictorium and tuts and plugins so we can get an idea of what the item looks like?
  4. Hello all, I read that the fonts should be put in the "filetypes in the paint.NET folder, but I thought they belonged in the c/windows/fonts folder. I want to be sure although I think it is the latter where they belong. Could you confirm this for me please? Thank you all you are very helpful. (Please ignore my sig, I made it years ago when I first started using PDN and haven't changed it lol)
  5. Hello, I need someone to draw something specific for me. I'm not good at drawing and I need a comical picture of about 3 or so people bent over... with someone walking on their backs toward a bank. As in someone walking all over other people and laughing all the way to the bank. The 3 people that are bent over should be wearing a black suit or something similar. Maybe with some sweat drops coming from their brow. The picture should have a vehicle in it as well... color black... and 4 door maybe a chevy impala but only year 2008 or above. I have included a pic below. If someone could draw this up I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for reading lylcoup
  6. Unfortunately the pics aren't available or showing and so can't do this tut
  7. There are many of these tuts that have bad links or pics that aren't there any more and it is disappointing when you finally find something you want to try but when I go to the tut the links are bad.
  8. lylcoup


    I agree. It looks nice indeed, but the color's are off. Needs more realistic colors
  9. Hello, I am trying to creat this sig and am having a problem with the scale part of it. When i try to scale it to 150 it keeps going back to 10. It only goes as high as 10. I am wondering if this is why mine wont make the V in the middle. It doesn't dip in the middle. Where am i going wrong?
  10. Hi Briddo, Did you manage the box shape yet? I used the line/curve tool, instead of the rotate/zoom tool(in the layers tab), because I found it easier than trying to guess the amount to use with rotate/zoom. With the line/curve tool you can manipulate the rectangle much easier. Also, don't forget to use the feather effect (in the effects tab) in every layer to smooth the jagged edges, good luck! I'll be looking for your pic
  11. The tut says: "Then use the lasso tool to select the parts that are out of the picture, making sure that you are going all the way to the picture so that none of the white line shows." Towards the end of the tut it says to "cut out the parts of your pic that you want out of the frame" , to do this you must select those parts, and follow the rest of the tut to create this effect. I used the line/curve tool because the lasso tool is harder to be precise with. The tut: "cutting out images..." shows you how to do this.
  12. wow, awsome job Boltbait. I love how it turns from b&w into color clever man
  13. Hi Briddo, Did you receive help yet? I too, had a problem with the box, and spent a lot of time with this tut, but I love it. I learned a lot with this tut, it's my fav. And I am new to photo manipulation and graphics as well, but I have discovered I love it. Here's my end result: Let me know if you still need help... I'll do what I can
  14. Ok Oma thank you very much I appreciate it, and I couldn't figure out how to feather the inside of the frame. I did feather the "box" while making the frame, and I even tried to feather the inside by removing the black part so there was just the frame, but I still couldn't, I even tried to "feather" it by "hand" pixel by pixel lol but all in all it turned out ok thanks for commenting
  15. Ok, this is my first post in the pictorum. I created this using the tut "Popping out of a picture". I got a lot of practice with PaintdotNet doing this pic, and this is one of my favorite tut's thus far. Thank you for making it I welcome everyone's opinion, so please feel free to comment, and if you see any mistakes, let me know. (I need all the help I can get lol) The original pic is done by: Michael Cox at michaelcox.com.
  16. Ok, this is my first post in the pictorum. I created this using the tut "Popping out of a picture". The original pic is done by: Michael Cox at michaelcox.com.
  17. Here is my work on this tut, I learned a lot doing this. Thank you for creating a great tut All comments are welcome thanks all The origional pic is by: Michael Cox
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