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  1. Thanks for the link! All the same... It would be nice to have a built-in layer mask feature.
  2. Since PDN supports layers, can you add a 'layer masks' feature? I use layer masks to crop out things in other graphics programs, and I was disappointed when I found that Paint.net does not support layer masks. If there is any way the Paint.net team could add layer masks to PDN, it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Is it possible (in the future) to support .xcf and .psd files? I use both Paint.net and GIMP, and it would be very helpful if I could open my .xcf files in Paint.net. Also, I have been downloading some web templates that come with the original .psd files, and I cannot open those files in PDN. If you could add these features in the near future it would be greatly appreciated. - Jtornado
  4. Could you please fix the link? That really mislead me. Thank you for the temporary link El Sid.
  5. Thanks! I always wondered how people did that... Now I can make my own.
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