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  1. Heres my sig http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w54/mr_frojo/Sig.gif I got rid of it because its a little too big, so instead of resizing it, Im working on a new one. Cornipus, I liked your old one better. 7/10 9/10 for the old one
  2. Ive been thinking of getting this for a while, but i never really got around to it.
  3. I really don't feel like resizing it right now, so I removed it. I think Ill make a new one though. I tried making my old one better by following other peoples suggestions, like indenting the text and making glass-like text, but I just figured out, Im not good at that. Ill start working on a new one soon, right after my new avatar.
  4. This happened a couple days before the aniversory of Columbine, which I live minutes away from.
  5. Im jealous of everybody pretty much. Im still yet to get one.
  6. Ill probobly stay with Audacity. Ive got nothing against it, but I just wanted to check what else was out there.
  7. Wow, theres really not all too much out there. Ill give some a try.
  8. Yea, im trying that out now, but I want some other ones to try out. If i didnt try out any other graphics programs, I would still be using GIMP now.
  9. Ok, I can try that. Hopfully I can get my new ones up by tommorow, but if not then, the next day for sure.
  10. So ive been looking for a good free sound program that I could use. Anybody know of any good programs out there?
  11. ...you get a new computer, the very first thing you do is install paint.net *Happened to me, even though I also got all these games and other stuff that I couldnt wait to play, pdn came first.*
  12. I havnt been one here for a while, but I gotta say that I love your work jpope. Keep it up
  13. Enormator, 9/10. Its pretty cool, nice colors and everything. pyrochild, 8/10. Its kinda simple, but still looks pretty cool.
  14. I just got a new computer, and now I am able to use plugins because the plugins wont work on the old computer for some reason. I found inspiration, but I still havnt finished anything for a while. Im working on a ton of stuff, but im really slow at pdn
  15. Ok, I know I said a week ago that I would have a new sig by now, but im just not getting any inspiration. My current one is cool, just not the text. I tried making it cooler, but I just cant find anything good that would match. Somebody said I should try to indent the text. Ill try that, but anybody else have any other ideas?
  16. I havnt finishned anything in pdn for a while now. I just started to make some backgrounds though.
  17. I just cut my finger. You know that fake wood stuff on the top of desks? Well the corner of one broke off and I was messing around with it. Just as I was saying to somebody how sharp it was and how easy it would be to cut somebody with it, it cut me.
  18. Yea, I was working on that. Back when I made it, the text was really bugging me. Ive been meaning to fix it, but just never got around to it. Maybe in the next day or two. I also am going to give the gold a little more shine.
  19. Not too bad for a beginer. Maybe add a texture to the border, but its still not too bad. 7.5/10
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