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  1. Go to: Go to the grafic dump, he shows that he made that "Wave" effect.
  2. Hey people, put this as a backround on the msn messenger conversation window. Looks cool.
  3. And here is my favourite user's website from metacafe:
  4. Hmm...I'll have a go, this is what I found on the web.
  5. There would be not much difference than, that's what I think.
  6. :shock: THATS AMAZING :shock: gdaysoccer, I think yours is the best.
  7. Hey mate if you're looking to glow something up, go to Effects>Glow. And your signature should be no larger that 500 x 100, your's is wider than 200. It's a rule... Rule number 13.
  8. If you would like to post pictures on this forum you first have to upload them somewhere (e.g. Then using BB code put the link between the "" functions.