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  1. i made broken glass=) 1. find your glass... 2. add a new layer :AddNewLayer: 3. paint a black dot (i used 25px) 4. frosted glass :FrostedGlass: 3px 5. lasso tool :LassoTool: and use it and the glass layer... just a lot around the Bullet... 6. use move selected pixels and move the "broken" part about 3-10 pixels(depends on the size of the glass) 7. add new layer :AddNewLayer: and move it to the bottom and then u fill it with white Finito
  2. or national day i dont know what it is in english
  3. i get .suite but they dont work=( do i need vista?
  4. where can i get desktop/windows themes?
  5. how do i make realistic animated rain? i've made many things im proud of on paint.net but it would be better with animated rain and that....water they land on(im not so good explaining...) please write a link to tutorial or make one=)
  6. im only lvl.68...or 67...i dunno... macgyver1995 is the username
  7. i dont know if i wrote language correct or not but... can someone make a norwegian language pack
  8. its a bit hard but when you have learned it then its ***n easy=)
  9. what can i search on to find fingers to make into fingerprint?
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