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  1. Ok, maybe its a little different for yours, but they still look kinda similar. It only took 4 or 5 steps.
  2. cjm, how did you get those tiles because I did something that looks kinda similar about a week ago. One second, ill go get it. Its on a different computer
  3. The only time i ever completed one was by taking of the colored stickers and moving them around.
  4. Theres not much difference, but you should try to keep up to date. I think theres something in the rules about that or something. Theres a post (I think its stickied) in this section about it.
  5. Not bad. Although the last one is just a ton of polar inversions, it looks the coolest. And also, paint.net 3.07 is out.
  6. Theres a water splash tut around here somewhere. One second, im looking for it. EDIT: Ok, i found it. http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... ter+splash Theres how you make the water splash, but making it animated would be a little harder. I can go try this now. I havnt really done much in paint.net for a while. If it turns out good, I can write a tut on it.
  7. This happened to me once, but it was when I clicked the submit button twice right away. It stopped my double post
  8. Yea, I noticed you were gone. Your average posts per day suffered. Its only about 15 now.
  9. It can take a while if the background is similar to the picture, but it still all comes down to magic wand and the eraser.
  10. Im learning c++. I just went to the store and got some books. Heres and excelent book to start off with. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/bookse ... 600&itm=14 It goes through all the basics. I would recomend you start off with something like that.
  11. Nice job Helio, but its a shame that its not 100% paint.net
  12. pyrochild said: Just keep an eye on whats on your startup list, and get rid of stuff you dont need. Also, you can get some free startup stuff which shows you everything, and lets you make changes easily. http://www.snapfiles.com/Freeware/syste ... tup_r.html
  13. spike, 8/10. Cool orb, but the text is kinda small.
  14. Wow, everybody here seems to have startup problems. A couple seconds after I log in, everythings all loaded on my computer. Also, same with my old xp computer.
  15. I got vista about 2 weeks ago. I hate it so much!
  16. Tendercrisp said: I forget exactly how I made it. I remember is was a combo of noise, tile reflection and xor, but I forget how I did it. Down, 9/10
  17. Im 31 on the list. Im making my way up. ...When you know where you rank by total posts, and who is beating you
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