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  1. But does that make any difference? I remember Steven Sinofsky saying that the beta is feature complete, so daily builds would only contain bugfixes wouldn't they?
  2. I remember that once in a blog post you mentioned a file extensions binding options pane or something. EDIT: http://blog.getpaint.net/2007/06/01/wha ... -paintnet/ is the blog post I was thinking of.
  3. He talked about his cat for some reason in the PDN blog.
  4. Yay for new release. in other news: You've been slashdotted
  5. Just a small annoyance, But when changing the defaults for tools etc. the primary and secondary colours get changed back to the startup values of black and white. Reproducing steps: 1. Change colours to anything except the black/white startup colours (just so we can show that the colours actually change) 2. Open the 'Change Defaults' dialog in the tools menu. 3. Press save. 4. The colours should return to the black/white startup colours
  6. The point I was trying to make was that if you wanted to use one of the standard sizes, you would have to go on the internet, look it up, and then enter it manually. The presets would be only an alternative for people who haven't memorised the numbers.
  7. It would be nice if the 'new' dialog had some sort of presets so that people didnt have to ask about these things.
  8. Now lets have an indepth look at that comment, shall we? As Beta 1 will be feature locked, this "something else" can't actually be related to PDN itself, so my prediction is a remodel of the PDN website, or something related to it.
  9. OMG I CANT BELIEVE THAT YOU COULDNT FIND IT!!!!!!!111!!!!one! ahem. sorry. Click the "tool" dropdown box at the top left corner of the window, and click chose defaults.
  10. Rick, I think that This image would be better suited in that post
  11. So Images Like that can be done easily. While removing this option would reduce "clutter", options like this are far easier than fiddling around with alpha values and so on.
  12. read the FAQ. specifically the part where it says "Paint .NET is not an animation program"
  13. Dunno if this is a bug or not, but when you make a selection, then rotate it 180 or 360 degrees manually, there is a line of pixels missing , never rotates perfectly
  14. After a day of trying to crash pdn, i thought i had tried everything. I tried to open every image on my computer, tried to open a notepad document with a .jpg extension, and so on. but none of them failed. but as I was about to give up, i decided to make an incredibly big image, and got : This text file was created because Paint.NET crashed. Please e-mail this file to paint.net@hotmail.com so we can diagnose and fix the problem. Application version: Paint.NET v3.0 (Alpha 1 Release build 3.0.2477.19867) Time of crash: 14/10/2006 6:18:11 PM Application uptime: 00:16:18.1718750 OS Version:
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