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  1. If you hold Ctrl on your keyboard while using the arrow keys to move, it moves in larger increments!
  2. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet. Do a search. Basically, it's just a circle (or whatever shape you want) with a face on it. There is no single, perfect way to make an emoticon.
  3. Not, Paint.net does not yet have pallette-changing ability. Sorry.
  4. Check your alpha blending setting. It is in the toolbar at the top next to the antialiasing setting.
  5. They look great, Josh! Are they 100% Paint.net? Again, those graphics look very good...
  6. Yeah, that post is what prompted me to write this. I just didn't want to steal the thread. I was thinking that it was discussed some time in the past. I'm glad to hear that a solution is in the works. I didn't think about a floating point coordinate system...that's interesting. That idea reminds me of another thing I thought I would bring up sometime: In many of Photoshop's features, things can be done in fractions of pixels. For instance, you can do a .5 pixel gaussian blur. Will this ever be implemented? These sorts of fractional pixel inputs would make small-image editing much easi
  7. Ah, Photo Editor. It was all I used for photomanipulation for a while (and it isn't so bad if you play with the Copy/Paste feature and the Smudge/blur tools). The Smudge tool is something that I think Paint.net needs. I like how PDN is being designed to be "familiar to users of MS Paint," but I think that Photo Editor should be included in that familiarity goal, and it is for the most part. I think many people who used MSPaint also used PhotoEditor... This topic (the move selection stuff) is a good example of how PDN is becoming a lot like Photo Editor. Once I have my Smudge tool, I will b
  8. I have the weird feeling that this has already been discussed, but I can't find any posts about it. Here goes: I make a very small selection (say, 2x2 pixels). I zoom in so that I can see the selection well. I activate either the "Move Selected Pixels" or "Move Selection" tool. Now, when I try to grab handles for resizing, I have a hard time grabbing the correct handles. Clicking and holding DIRECTLY on some handles at this small selection size will not always grab the correct handle. From what I know about programming, it seems that the current code is handling (yeah, bad pun) handle s
  9. It sounds like you're using the old code. Try this: http://searedice.rchomepage.com/images/ ... nsFade1.cs
  10. When you "Save As" a file as a JPG, it should ask you to input the quality level. This will only happen with JPG files, but that's probably what you are using anyway.
  11. You can have Windows show files with their full names. Like, your "untitled" png would look like this: "untitled.png" or "untitled.PNG". If you want to do this, go to the Control Panel (Start Menu->Control Panel), then open Folder Options, then click the "View" tab at the top of the dialog box. Now, scroll down in the little window, and uncheck the box that says "Hide extensions for known file types".
  12. What I would do is as follows: Create a new file. Make it the width/height that your pictures will be. Select all and press "Delete" on your keyboard. Draw the text in the corner you want. Then, save it as a .pdn file. That's your text with a transparent background. Now, open a picture to edit. Then, go to the Layers menu and click on "Import From File..." Find the file with the text, and click "Open". If this doesn't work for you, let me know...
  13. First, draw the lightning bolt. Then, duplicate the lightning bolt layer. Then, apply a Gaussian blur to the duplicated layer. Choose an appropriate radius in the blur dialog. If you need the blur to be more visible, duplicate the blur layer...it will make it look brighter. I also made a radial blur layer to add a little bit of variety and randomness to the bolt. I just thought it made it look a bit nicer...?
  14. I've also noticed that the crawling ants borders really eat up the processor. It really kills when I'm selecting something intricate in a photograph...
  15. Well, editable text has been requested many times. I think this is a new idea. The two steps it takes to make a new layer for text might not be worth adding this as a feature...but it is an interesting thought.
  16. I see what he(she?) means!! The two corners on the right side are different from the ones on the left...they seem smaller (smaller radius).
  17. That's what Windows Explorer and the XP Image Previewer are for! PDN is an image editing program...I just don't see why it would be an image viewer as well. What software have you used that supports "View Mode"?
  18. Yeah, that too Thanks for pointing that out, Rick...
  19. To do this in Paint.net, just press Ctrl-N or go to File->New. It will automatically choose the dimensions of what the screenshot is. Press OK to confirm, then just press Ctrl-V to paste the image in.
  20. Pretty cool stuff aatwo! Those images are great! I wonder if the images themselves or the techniques behind them can be used for anything (website, background, etc.). Litchi, I like how simple your sigbar is...so many are just too busy and complicated. The gradient looks nice Pikapika, it looks like you did a good job giving those images some transparency!
  21. Lol. You could just use Windows Explorer. You can even drag images in as a new layer or a new image! -John
  22. Check this post out http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=416 Basically, the Recolor tool is your friend here. Look it up in the Help file
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