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  1. Hey, is there any way to combine only two or three layers as opposed to all of them? Thanks for any help
  2. Yeah, the way you make a picture black and white is done by simply making the layer black and white. If you just make a new layer over your black and white picture you can colour it how you like. If you want me or someone else to go a bit deeper then just say so...
  3. @Buzzkill Wow, thats a cool/spooky scene. Very nice clouds, how'd you do them? I suppose in a similar way I did the light. The moon is way cool too. @A_Pickle :shock: Amazing scene, I tried to make a scene of the earth and the sun a few days ago, I thought it was good till I saw your drawing. Very Cool. I'm a big space geek (STAR WARS ROCKS) so I paticularly find that nice. @aatwo I didn't see the nipple until you mentioned that... now its all I can see, with breast...!
  4. Ok, pretend we don't know what to do with it once we've downloaded it. :?
  5. Thanks guys. I've changed the picture recently, not by much, just removed the bottom 3 bullet holes (thought they were a bit OTT). Yeah the fonts. The one on the far right isn't actualy arabic, its elfen.. or elven... those guys with pointy ears in Lord of the Rings... its called 'aelfa'. The text actualy reads "Angel of Death was ere' 1991". The green text on the soldiers left and the blue text on the far right of the picture is arabic text, its called 'afarat ibn blady'. They're just random letters . The text above the soldier is called 'aerosol' and I'm sure you know it reads "Bash", just a random word. The wee hand on the soldiers right is from a font called 'all my hands', its the symbol for the number '7', I put it in because I thought it looked cool. And thats it... I think, I also got some text in an up-to-date version of the pic that reads "Leave no man behind" (the name of the picture) printed on the top of the door in the 'base 02' font. All the fonts you can get from dafont.com. D.
  6. I'll try to help, if your still confused after just reply and either I will try to make myself more clear or I'm sure someone else will do a better job. Ok, here goes. 1. How do I lighten a dark photograph? Ans: If you open the photo in paint.net, then go to Layers (in the menu bar at the very top) => Adjustments => brightness/contrast. You can then fiddle about with the sliders in that window, don't worry if you mess up, just click on the reset buttons and all will be fine. 2. After I'm done fooling around with a pic, how do I save it as permanent? Good question. Ans: When your happy with the picture go to file (again at the very top) => Save as... (make sure you click "save as..." and not "Save"). Ok, once there you will see a box similar to the one you see below. Where I have circled below, click on the arrow and you will get a list of very strange looking words, these are the different files you can save the picture as, I generaly save a permentant picture as a JPEG, though depending on what you want to do with it depends on what file you save it as. When you have choosen the file you want to save the picture as click on save. 3. When I do that, will it be saved as a second image, or will it replace the original photo that I have saved in "My Documents" ? Ans: Going on from the previous question, it will only be saved over the original picture if 1) it has the same name 2) its the same file type and 3) its in the same folder, but you will recieve a warning if those statements are true. If you want to keep the original picture, just save the new one with a different name, something as simple as 'Picture1' instead of 'Picture' will sufice. Hope that helps. Darren.
  7. Do you want the background to be transparent, effectivly not there, ie just the text on its own, or do you want the actual text to be transparent, which there is no point in doing as you wouldn't see it. Unless you mean translucent, ie you see it but faintly :?:
  8. Well... what I did was: 1. Make a new layer for your text. Type what you want, bearing in mind the size of the text bubble you want. 2. Make another new layer, put this one under the layer with the text using the wee arrows at the bottom of the layer menu (make sure you have the correct layer selected). 3. Draw an elipse around the text, best to use "draw filled shape" tool, up top. I find that if you use the "draw filled shape with outline" the outline isn't dark enough for what you will need to do next. 4. Draw some lines in a conical shape to your 'speaking' subject. 5. You will now, wether you used the "draw filled shape with outline" tool or not, need to go round the elipse with the pencil, best go over the cone for good measure. 6. If done correct you should have no problem filling the shape with a nice bright colour (or color for all you Americans ). Don't forget the wee bit caught in the cone. 7. There you have it, sit back and admire your lovely new speech bubbles. In true Blue Peter style, here is one I made earlier:
  9. This is my pride and joy... this picture represents the pinnacle of all that I can accomplish using Paint.net to date. Be gentle with it. Darren
  10. how about a dynamic zoom? i.e. click and hold then move the mouse foward or back to zoom in and out. edit My bad. Thanks. :oops:
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