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  1. You can put as many OSs on your system as you like (or as many as your boot-loader can handle..which is probably a lot). Each OS is entirely separate from the others...they don't share code or anything. They might not even see eachother on your harddrive. Be careful while installing extra OSs that you don't format your disk...that would erase the other ones. Also, to make sure you don't lose any data while the new OS installs, defragment the harddrive before it. Your distribution of Linux will probably replace the bootloader...when you start up the computer, you won't get the traditional
  2. Barkbark's right... You're probably using JPEG files (*.jpeg, *.jpg) so when you go to save the image (or when you do a "File->Save As"), just lower the slider for JPG quality...you should be able to see what it's doing in the preview window...that way you can tell when you've reduced the quality too much. You probably want to keep backups of the originals somewhere too.
  3. Since the photo itself is a bit blurry, a 1px Gaussian blur does not hurt the image, but it does get rid of some of the noise...see for yourself how you like it.
  4. Leif, try turning off Alpha Blending before you do that next time...sounds like that might be your problem. And Hellfire, I haven't noticed what you're talking about...that's strange.
  5. The GNU license was originally written for the GNU project: The GNU license is commonly called the GPL or "General Public License"
  6. Yeah...this is a problem with the code that currently determines where your cursor is over the image. I think Rick said it will eventually be fixed with a more precise system. I know how annoying this can be nickspacek... If you just have to move it, you can actually click and drag outside of the selection area (as long as your cursor is a black arrow, and not a hand).
  7. Raven, that will work, but it's going to take a long time if the image is the size of any normal photograph...there could be thousands of noisey areas on the image! There are some tricks you can use to make the noise less apparent, but there's no real way to get rid of it entirely. For example, you can blur the image a bit, but then the image will still be blurry and will probably still have noise. Some people have methods they love to no end, but I haven't seen anything that does a perfect job...
  8. The little icon for the Sepia adjustment has opaque edges that should be transparent. I can get a screenshot if you want. Also, it's not obvious anymore that the "Adjustments" only affect a single layer...do you think this will be a problem?
  9. Oh yeah...I didn't mean to accuse you of wasting a post or anything...I was just saying that there are other people looking for the feature...you're not alone
  10. We've gone over this before in the Effects API forum...the current effect system doesn't permit this. I think this will be upgraded eventually. When you think about this, this sort of a inter-layer ability would enable quite a few new types of effects...
  11. You know that when the day comes for user-customizable tools in some fashion, the MS Paint spraycan will be one of the first things to be made. Your request has been made before.
  12. The "spraypaint" tool is great for MS Paint style images, but it just doesn't belong in a general-purpose paint program. A good way to simulate it (better than my last method) is to paint with full opacity and then use the "Effects->Frosted Glass" effect. Enjoy
  13. There is not traditional MS Paint-style spraypaint tool. You can reduce the transparency value of the color you're using on the Paintbrush to get as close as you can to a spraypaint tool.
  14. Eh...I had the same questions when I started. Now that I've written this up, people can search the forums and find it. If it finds its way into help files, all the better
  15. It's pretty close to the lasso. Right now, you can work-around the lack of a brush select by simply making a new layer, turning off antialiasing, painting over what you want to select, and then magic wand that area.
  16. Layers->Adjustments->Curves is a way to change the brightness values of a layer. The horizontal axis is the "current" value and the vertical axis is the value that the current one will become after you click "OK." For example, if I wanted to brighten up the parts of my image that are 50% gray, I would make a control point in the middle and move it up. If I wanted to make the values that are 75% bright a bit darker, I'd put a control point on the diagonal line 75% of the way to the right and move it down. Playing around with it really helps figure out how it works. A tip: only play a
  17. Go to Edit->Select all. Then, put the cursor over the original photo somewhere, and hold down the right button on your mouse. Now move your mouse in a circle around the center of the photo...you'll see that it rotates. To stop rotating, release your hold on the right button. Now that it is rotated to be level, crop the painting out how you want it.
  18. What's prohibited is "hacking content" as in "how-to guides for hacking". Just asking who hacks is acceptable...as long as we don't discuss our techniques here. I've done a few levels of the hackthissite site. The PHP stuff is fun...my friends in school were amazed that I could get past that part, but it's really not too hard.
  19. Check this out: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=13861 Basically, a simple color fade can be used on the four edges, or you can use that gradient effect plugin to make a transparent fade on the edges. John
  20. Yes it does...a search of the forum returns this rather old topic in which Rick explains the situation: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=160
  21. It's a panning hand. If it's active, it's the same as if you were holding down Spacebar in previous releases...good for when you're zoomed in on something.
  22. backpacker, the PNG file would be ok...your background isn't 100% transparent there. Double check that and make sure it's fully transparent. Then PNG should work well. The image might not seem transparent if you're using older versions of IE.
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