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  1. Looks good, Rick. It'll be a somewhat new thing for PDN to have a dialog dedicated to config/preferenes. I do like, however, that this is something only experienced/"advanced" users would ever need/want to touch...it shouldn't get in the way of PDN being easy to use.
  2. I updated to 2460 manually, and now it doesn't seem to be having the error. I'll keep an eye on it next time we get an update...
  3. True, but it can be a pain to make sure that it's actually getting the 3 pixels perfect all of the way around...I imagine it's going to take as much time to check this as it would to just draw it out.
  4. Wow...good call, evanolds. I was sorta wondering why my computer was having some memory use issues after testing to see what happens to the thumbnail viewer when you open up a bunch of stuff a few days ago. A memory leak certainly explains the problem...the heap can be nasty.
  5. Wow...this has been discussed so many times before... I know that almost every time I open up PDN, I accidentally draw a little line with the brush, but if it were the select tool, I'd probably be accidentally selecting things and/or moving them around. My left hand is my Ctrl+Z hand...it's a 1/2 second operation to undo any accidental edits and maybe a 3/2 second operation to switch to a new tool. Either way, I do think this should be a preference thing...I just don't know where the preference setting would fit into the PDN interface. Maybe now that we have the tool dropdown thing in the
  6. The easiest/fastest way is probably to just use the Line tool to draw this border around the edge. It's just a matter of being careful that the line is straight (try holding Shift while using the Line tool) and that you are actually painting over 3 pixels.
  7. I have 2458, and when I go to "Help->Check for Updates...", it pops up the dialog with the animated progressbar. After a couple of seconds, another dialog pops up that says "There was an error while checking for updates. There was an unspecified error while checking for updates.". I really don't know what could be the problem...I've tried it a few times (and my Internet connection is working). -John
  8. CSS...HTML...sounds like you're a web-design kind of person. Learn Javascript and then from there, learn C#. The first computer language I learned was HTML...went to Javascript from there...now I can use Java, C, C++, C#, and pretty much any other language. You can use Javascript on websites...so you have some incentive to learn it
  9. Manually now...copy the two layers to a new file, merge, and bring back in. I'm think that eventually, a future release with have this functionality...it's asked for a lot.
  10. Codelab uses C#. If you have any programming experience, it shouldn't be too hard to use C#. You may need some sort of a reference for syntax issues...MSDN is usually good for that.
  11. Ah...good point about the performance...I can feel that expense when I open the submenu...
  12. Acquire From Clipboard is not showing up for me...has it been removed? If it has, maybe instead of the "File->Acquire" menu, you should just have "File->Acquire from Scanner or Camera"...a whole submenu for "From Scanner or Camera" seems silly. However, it looks like "Acquire from Scanner or Camera" might not fit on the File menu without being shortened in some way...
  13. Ok, thanks. Sorry that I didn't know you knew about it...
  14. Just for testing purposes... Rick noted that in the update thread.
  15. I have more images open in that session than are displayed in the thumbnail viewer. I can't find any way to see those other images that are open...I can't scroll the thumbnail viewer. I'm sorry if I'm missing something... Maybe add a scrollbar (would take up a bunch of space, though). Or, I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to scroll through the thumbnails by clicking and dragging. (Then you'd have to make it so that when you clicked and held the click for dragging, it wouldn't necessarily select the image you clicked down on to drag...that'd be annoying).
  16. If you want, you can press your keyboard's Delete or Del key to erase it faster than using the Eraser tool.
  17. When using the Spacebar in conjunction with Ctrl to both pan (mouse movement) and zoom (scrollwheel), I see the following problem: If I start by holding both Ctrl and Spacebar, if I let go of Ctrl only, I cannot zoom or pan. However, if it is the Spacebar that I let go of first, I can still zoom but not pan. The latter is expected behaviour...you might want to make the former behave similarly. Also, after letting either of those two keys up, pressing them down again (while still holding the other down) does not re-enable the control that key offered before being released. Thanks, John
  18. To get a picture onto your computer's clipboard, open it in Paint.NET or some other software like MS Paint. Then, select the whole image (usually by going to the Edit menu and clicking on "Select all". Then, press Ctrl+C or go to the Edit menu and click on "Copy". Now, the image is on the clipboard. You can only have one image on the computer's clipboard at a time. Now, open up your collage file in Paint.NET, and go to the Edit menu and click on "Paste" or simply press Ctrl+V.
  19. Intel Centrino T1350 @ 1.86GHz 504MB RAM Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 SP2 It's a Toshiba Satellite, and I'm on an admin account.
  20. I've been looking through some old posts (from before I was allowed into this part of the forums) and it seems this has happened before. Should I just go ahead and upate manually, or do you want to have me test anything first?
  21. When I run "Check for updates..." on M1 2450.32956, the update window appears, finds M2 2453, and gives me a dialog box with an "Install" button. When I hit "Install" it downloads the update, and a new dialog comes up that says "Paint.NET must cloes to install the update. After you click OK, you will be asked to save any changes if necessary" and shows the new version number below. When I hit "OK," the update dialog closes, but Paint.Net doesn't close, and it doesn't update... I know that I could update by downloading and installing the new file, but I thought I should report this anyway.
  22. I had to do this once for a 3d animation. I wound up drawing all of the lines...I couldn't find any better method.
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