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  1. cheers guys. the jet collage was inspired while reading article on latest missle test by the NK.. ah war...is something on my mind..but hopefully war will not come. only to replaced with a friendly compromise btwn north korea and the other countries involved. i pray for a peaceful resolution. and now heres a few more. the first one uses bevel and grid. the second one is large and is only link -uses bevel, grid and dream effects. https://s5.postimg.org/ii6o3lo47/shadowplay.png
  2. good ol pixey. well its been quite a while since i last checked in. was doing some staff duties so you can imagine the workload i was presented upon me. but i think iam slowly settling back down. heres a few projects... who likes machine guns? shadow effect and checkerboard design. and the other are 3D images that i added with shadow effect..jets taking off in strike pattern.
  3. hi fellow artists. I had a pc crash today. I lost the pdn file so I reinstalled it. and will have to reinstall all the plug ins. that will be sometime today. I made copy of plugins so I wont have to download them one by one. ill post some more when I get things straightened out ,cheers
  4. greetings friendly artists..sorry haven't been on much. work..work.. had a computer crash yesterday, had to recover a lot of files. but from the midst of the disaster, I managed to produce few more stuff. in first one,"masterpiece" I created those kaleidoscope art myself.
  5. I'm off to create another great art. firstly I must get inspired.
  6. I love homemade as well. am on a diet so I cant indulge in any..
  7. cheers for rep mate. :mtdew:

  8. iam glad people like my art so far. cheers LD and another one I just did, an ode to the cheeseburger. using inner shadow, poster, gingham and bevel tools
  9. I just got the update! thank you. cant give a rep, cuz I used em all up. I.O.U
  10. we have an artificial tree as well pixey. its about that size, and its LED. its amazing that after many years went by, from when I was 5-10 years old, we had a real tree that by todays standards would cost over 70 dollars..and when I was around 14-18 we had an aluminum tree to save on cost..and now, a tiny LED tree.
  11. cool images CRayChosen1 bro. and welcome to the community
  12. .cheers pixey. and now another one guys...its called galleria. its just premade frames and I added images from searches...then I used the inner shadow effect.
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