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  1. this is second version from tutorial with a few tweaks hope you like it !
  2. Cool, here is my version. Thank you for this tut!
  3. tried that and get a blocking error and I have it in admin mode tried it several times now and it is not working period I tried doing the dot net separately in admin mode also and still nothing well this is it for me I love this program but enough is enough I will just have to do without it!
  4. it won't install these it says they are not applicable to my computer!
  5. last thing I saw was the .net framework being installed and that is all
  6. No it did not! I tried so I guess I need windows 10 for the newer versions it did not install on my windows 8.1
  7. I installed paint.net and went through process but it did not leave icon on desktop and when I went to look for it in program files I could not find it to add icon to the desk top I have windows 8.1 do I have to update to the new windows 10 to get it? Also looked in the program files(x86) as I have 64 bit it was not anywhere in that one either? please help thanks!
  8. Is conditional hue/sat in adjustments or somewhere else as it is not showing up at all in Adjustments and I cannot find it anywhere, Thanks for any and all help!
  9. I wanted to do this tutorial and couldn't, due to no conditional hue/sat anymore tried to use Boltbait's but it was not even close to the same. hope you can see that screen shot!
  10. what happened to the conditional hue saturation I enjoyed working on some images with it and it is gone, why? I was trying to make this Thanks
  11. Thank you, Mine is a little different but here it is!
  12. i used the furblur plugin also easy tut thanks
  13. this is what I got and tweeked just a little very good tutorial thank you
  14. here it is without emboss it turned out worse with the emboss inside program
  15. I was trying this tutorial all was going great till I got to engrave/emboss that is where it went wrong effects>stylize>emboss and it only has a directional wheel in it nothing else. is there a plugin I am missing or did getpaint.net change it that much thanks?
  16. this is what I made from this tutorial not as good as yours but it is my first thanks you for this tutorial!
  17. hi, nice tutorial I have one problem how to open that xaml file I tried but cannot I wondered if you could make that outline in a pdn file for those of us that don't have ms presentation server. When I tried to use it it kept popping up window after window and it wreaked so much havoc I had to shut my computer down. Thanks!
  18. <link added to above post>
  19. Hope these come out https://s19.postimg.cc/z4uzsa8bz/Fire_final.jpg https://s19.postimg.cc/63qnivnw2/first_planet.jpg tell me what you think and what I can improve upon thanks