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  1. the layer window disappears once a layer is created need that window to keep track of layers for project but I have to keep opening it up as it will not stay open each time I create a new layer. it does the same thing with the color palette and tools thank you for any help
  2. used how to start a fire and this lesson was fun thanks
  3. used two lessons on this one Distant treeline and yours
  4. I enjoy these tutorials hopefully I will get as good as you I will keep practicing tho thanks all of you
  5. cool thanks hope you like this one
  6. not nowhere as good as you, working on it.
  7. Will check thanks for that info did not know it would do that.
  8. I have had an issue this has happened several times. I right click on an image and went to print it, it tries to open it in adobe and after that the image will open in paint.net but it will not print. It comes up with errors. I contacted adobe and it says paint.net is the problem not them. I do not believe it is paint.net, I think it is adobe but here I am contacting you letting you know this is happening. Thank you for any insights. P.S. I did uninstall adobe but I am afraid I will have to redo all 100 or so Images I made in paint.net because of this problem. Just so you know they ar
  9. Thanks for this one Font is by Johnathan Harris and only meant for example
  10. thanks very easy tut had fun with this. Picture is from abyss wallpapers under golf category for the under image
  11. very nice, thank you! easy to follow! this was from abyss wallpapers!
  12. cool tut thank you all am still learning
  13. hi, Thanks for the Tutorial was easy to do. will try to be more creative with next one.
  14. thanks for the lovely tutorial! second version
  15. it is not the best image but it is my first try Thank you for this tutorial
  16. this is second version from tutorial with a few tweaks hope you like it !
  17. Cool, here is my version. Thank you for this tut!
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