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  1. Oh, yeah, I refreshed my PC. The vid. No one seems to know it's a virus. Actually, looking at the site's name, it's "amihotornot" yeah...
  2. (Excuse the foemat my pc is refreshing) Here is my story of megalo. OK, so I search how to make a roblox groip logox and megalo is the first result. My first run in with megalo, as im a kid, i checked it out, and i got megalo i was AMAZED at it, then, i STUPIDLY/smartly refreshed my computer, and do it another time because i got a paint sai virus, said free. thought it was a demo. (where is the real paint.sai?) Now, a day after, i get megalo not knowing of his wvil intentions... i see some animate thingy and search how to use it. first result was an admin saying it is a virus. I try to remove it but my computer gets weird. Now? it's refreshing. Probably done by now. Search "how to make roblox group logos" and spam that its a virus, please.
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