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  3. Thanks. Any idea what happened? Unzipped and copied DLL into .\Effects Started Pasted background picture Effects > Render > TRSM File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\TRsSplineMaster.dll Name: TRsSplineMaster.EffectPlugin Version: Author: TechnoRobbo Copyright: Copyright 2013 TechnoRobbo Website: Full error message: System.ArgumentException: Font 'Arial Narrow' does not support style 'Regular'. at System.Drawing.Font.CreateNativeFont() at System.Drawing.Font.Initialize(FontFamily family, Single emSize, FontStyle style, GraphicsUnit unit, Byte gdiCharSet, Boolean gdiVerticalFont) at System.Drawing.Font.Initialize(String familyName, Single emSize, FontStyle style, GraphicsUnit unit, Byte gdiCharSet, Boolean gdiVerticalFont) at System.Drawing.Font..ctor(String familyName, Single emSize) at TRsSplineMaster.EffectPluginConfigDialog.InitializeComponent() at TRsSplineMaster.EffectPluginConfigDialog..ctor() at TRsSplineMaster.EffectPlugin.CreateConfigDialog() at PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectMenuBase.RunEffectImpl(Type effectType) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Menus\EffectMenuBase.cs:line 873 -- Edit: Followed this tip, to no avail. I do have c:\windows\fonts\ARIALN.TTF on my Windows7 computer, but it does look like it only supports Bold:
  4. Welcome @toroidal232. Beautiful pieces. I agree with @barbieq25 about piece #2. It looks like porcelain from an old english tea set. I love playing with the Kaleidoscope plugin, too. I've lost many hours that way. All pieces, well done!
  5. Hello, As someone suggested, I just checked ShapeMaker to draw a straight line with more than four control nubs, but I find it overly complicated to use. Is there another plug-in I should check just to draw straight lines with arrow ends, that won't require saving a file, restarting Paint, and adding the shape onto the background picture? Thank you. -- Edit: How to remove ShapeMaker? I found no item in Control Panel, and no trace in "c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\.." "c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes\.." -- Edit: Found it by chance: Hover the mouse over its menu item, and it says ""c:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\DHShapeMaker.dll"
  6. It's sad that so many of us here can relate ... there's always been a need for licences for many different things ... except to be a parent. Why I've given my kids everything. I moan about the 'material' things but only because I'm a grumpy sod. I don't really mind The things money can't buy I give unreservedly. Love. Support. Friendship Most importantly @LionsDragon you've got Todd. Nothing else really matters ... one hug will always be worth everything the past didn't give ... and ladies - you've turned out great - so last laughs and all that (listen to me ... the wise old sage ... I think this has just hit a nerve as I go back into hospital for the next cycle)
  7. Equirectangular images are actually created from a series of photos that are stitched together. They're like 360° panoramic photos, but more so, since they must also cover up and down. I've never done it, though, and don't know the details of the process. There's a program call Hugin on SourceForge that's designed for that purpose.
  8. That first one is fabulous! Second one is getting moody again Lovely! Now we have both done a Visage image. All I hear now is Fade to Grey!
  9. The second one is a real stunner! Well done on all of them!
  10. Oooh, all the descriptions are very fitting! ⭐ Very nice!
  11. Yes, echoing the thoughts of Welshy, Pixey & Lynxster. I cried when my father died because there are no more opportunities for to answer for his behaviours. I cried because I didn't get to have the father I & my siblings deserved (my brothers got a slightly better deal but I don't hold that against them). I often see on FB how much people miss their dads. I wish I could miss mine. In saying that I cried, I cried for me, not him. I remember I did some artworks around that time. It helped me to come to grips with the fact that it will now always be what it was. I spoke to a work colleague who experienced a similar thing. We agreed that you can grieve for something you never had. I hope that helps you. How is your hubby doing?
  12. @MJW Do you know of a tool to create an equirectangular from a regular picture?
  13. One should never assume but if you want to use the text elsewhere don't forget to save as a .png to retain the transparency
  14. Yeah, Father's Day has always been a, "..Huh?" for me. I celebrate it for my FIL now, but always need to be reminded. Thank you!
  15. Both of us, really; my sister saw only slightly more of him than I did. ❤️
  16. The one good thing I can say about my sister is that she's feeling about as much as I am, so no chance of being yelled at. And...that's it, really. I think you hit right on it. I will never know why he made the choices that he did. *hug*
  17. To get this update, make sure you have "Also check for pre-release (beta) versions" enabled in Settings, and then click on the Check Now button. You can also download it directly: Changes since 4.2 beta build 7111: New: Saving in HEIC format is now supported. Windows 10 v1809+ is required, along with installation of HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer (free) from the Microsoft Store. Improved: If you try to open or save an HEIC and you do not have the Microsoft codec installed, the error message will provide you a link to go get it. (The link is in the "Show Details" section) Fixed: Pasting from some sources (e.g. Google Chrome) should no longer be shifted to the right by 3 pixels, nor have 3 colored pixels at the bottom left, and should also have working alpha/transparency again. This appears to be a bug in Windows 10 v1903 when both CF_DIB and CF_DIBV5 are on the clipboard and in that order (in other words, CF_DIB is higher priority than CF_DIBV5). Fixed: The LowColor File Type plugin should work again. It still has a bug where it may show its own error dialog while you are modifying the properties for saving. This dialog can be ignored and dismissed.
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  19. If you want the effect of a time-lapse photo of stars, use Radical Blur. If you want streaks from a central point, like going into hyperspace, use Zoom Blur. In either case, you'll probably need to use Brightness/Contrast to make the streaks visible, since the color of the star-dots is spread over a large area.
  20. Add a new layer. It will be transparent. Then use the Text Tool. If you want to use the original layer, Select All (Ctrl+A), Delete Selection (Del), then use the Text Tool.
  21. No idea, I'm not familiar with Recuva. I'm just relaying my experiences with trying to recover deleted files in the past. They just don't really recover correctly unless you being the process immediately, and even then you're not guaranteed 100%.
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