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  1. Trevor's Gallery - Attempt at Double Exposure

    Just tried a double exposure manipulation. I think I got the idea, but whew, is it a challenge!
  2. I saw your comment in the Brush Factory thread. What I have been doing is making a total of four layer - the original picture to have its edge "erased", a duplicate of the original image and liquidized, a white with black paint "splatter" layer, and a black with white "splatter layer." The ability to copy the images and paste it in the Brush Factory's canvas is a huge benefit. I can access the converted ABR brush from Brush Factory, paint on the edge to "erase", and then bucket fill that layer with white, copy that layer, go to the original image layer, and run alpha mask plug in. It's a lot of work, but worth the effort. The Brush Factory, in my honest opinion, is what Simon Brown's CustomBrushMini should have been.
  3. Simon Brown once created a plug in called AlphaMask Brush, which is no longer supported by him. Having downloaded it and gave it a whirl, I feel that plug-in has a great deal of potential, but the lack of access to custom brush cripples its potential. The arrival of the Brush Factory gave me reason to believe it is possible to create a plug in where a user, having access to custom brush generated from Photoshop's ABR file, can create special effect like . The only way I have been able to create this is using Brush Factory and alpha masking. Would this be doable? I think having a layer mask brush plug-in would unleash PDN's potential.
  4. Trevor's Gallery - Attempt at Double Exposure

    Just created "Hello" photomanipulation.
  5. Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

    @Eli Nicely done. I think you got what I did. I forgot to mention I used alpha mask a lot!
  6. Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

    Another example of PDN doing what Photoshop and Gimp can do with the latest addition of the Brush Factory plug-in along with abrViewer converting Photoshop brushes into usable PNG files for PDN. The 2nd picture with the lovely lady is found in my gallery as well. The bird is a stock image.
  7. Trevor's Gallery - Attempt at Double Exposure

    Created a dispersion effect in PDN. Brush factory plug-in was used to paint the dispersion brush and then alpha masked. It took several effort to make it work, duplication of layers, and so on.
  8. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    " Have you got any monitor managers installed?" I am using a HDMI connection. Like I said earlier, I can use pyrochild's plug-in within the extended monitor and pretty much every other plug-ins. TechnoRobb's Dodge and Burn plug-in also stays stuck in the main monitor and not move to the extended monitor.
  9. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    I'm afraid it didn't work. I have PDN in the extended monitor, but the plug in window stays on the main monitor. I think I had the same problem with TR's Dodge and Burn plugin.
  10. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    Great plug-in. This is what I had been hoping for. However, I have an interesting problem that I need to bring to your attention. I am using a HP laptop with a HDMI, extended monitor. I have PDN on the extended monitor, but the plug-in window only stays on the laptop's monitor. When I use, pyrochild's smudge plugin, it opens in the extended monitor. Trying to move the brush factory window to the extended monitor isn't working.
  11. Trevor's Gallery - Attempt at Double Exposure

    Thank you, lynxster4. Made a thing in PDN. 100% PDN.
  12. The Making of "Stumbled Upon" - Updated

    Third step have been updated to correct screen shot of pyrochild's gradient bars plug-in.
  13. World Cup Central

    I meant Brazil getting favorable whistles like they did in their first game. Yeah, but I am very encouraged. When it was announced Klinnsman kept off Donovan, there were hell being raised on Twitter, and I actually understood why the German coach did it. He is thinking in term of long term project, and the fans were thinking "short term, win now." I think there's something to be said sometime Americans, I being one of course, being too damn sentimental about "heroes." I watched him play in the CONCAAF Cup, and felt he left a lot of points on the field instead of in the net. I think in one of the semifinals, he admitted afterward that the US left a lot of goals off the board, and he was responsible for most of it, I think. Right now, the USA's back line are as shaky, and Klinnsmann know it. He has a lot of youth on the roster who has never played on the big stage like the World Cup, but they are getting "baptized by fire," so to speak. I think if the US Soccer Federation will be patient than they were with Bradley (who I thought did a phenomenal job, but got the shaft instead), Klinnsman clearly has a plan for the USMNT. Frankly, I think that Klinnsman, being a German and being efficient, is bringing that type of precision soccer that the German are known for, and Donovan can't cut the mustard on that. Donovan is at his best when he freelances and has someone who can feed him the ball, but put him into a systematic soccer, he wilt like the flower in summer heat. Now, as for the Americans advancing, they have a tall order ahead of them. They have to beat the Germans, and we all know how good the Germans are.
  14. World Cup Central

    I think France is the team to beat. Brazil might have something to say if they continue receiving home cooked officiating.