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  1. Ishi, I hope you are making progress. All the advice so far is what I would have said as well. My suggestion would be to just let your imagination flow on to the screen. Each attempt and trial will yield even more ideas and directions to go in. All of that is good, as you will create a large amount of things to pick and choose from. Also do not be afraid to ask someone else their opinion of your idea(s) , like a friend, neighbor, a clerk in the store, anybody, as they may see things you had not realized were even there. It could go from "it stinks" to " it's magnificent"; but more than likely somewhere in between. Then you can rework those areas and incorporate new ideas in your revised work. As my old commercial art teacher would say "try anything, revise everything, throw out anything that is not 'perfect', then start again" The idea was to develop you ideas, but don't be afraid to toss out a favorite idea and replace it with an even better idea. Let us know how your doing, it sounds like a great project.
  2. Well Said. LionsD of course its not fair (you do such good work and now with two mighty fine entry's). Good thing I not the jealous type [well I Am, but what the heck]. Good Talent like yours shouldn't be put under a bushel basket (besides I'm taking up most of the room in there ) To ALL and sundry: Humblest apologies for the double entry in the "contest arena". I Didn't realize I did that- I'm such a goof some times- but guess I'll just let remain (unless one of the Mighty-Cool-Mods wants to blast it to smithereens -er- delete it.) Oh!, And Not the Second one, please--It's my entry (just in case you were confused) Remember: All you talented PDN'ers, don't forget to vote for me , your favorite, come election day.
  3. Dear Pixey Your wish is my command. Sorry, got caught up counting tumble weeds and totally forgot the time. . P.S. in California its 2017, so did I make the dead line?
  4. tent w title plus baloon.pdn
  5. 1-Yes Tried it, Didn't know what I was supposed to DO with it, but it works just fine. The resulting page of clouds were nice, so I just used "eraser" and combined the result with another picture and there had a "canceled" picture. Which I promptly deleted 2-Hadn'ta clue 3- Waaaay back there, when was just three colors and a brush () 4- Now that I know the origin, I can go back and use it more effectively. Nice job of work.
  6. Oh, Great, I can't make a stamp come out very good, but now at least I can Cancel It... Seriously, toe_head Good Job - Thanks
  7. A Second Place, oh wow ! Thank You, Very much for your votes. All so, Heartiest congratulations to Pixey, Beta0, dipstick and AndrewDavid on your fine entry's.
  8. Now just you wait a dog-gon-minuet! Crochet? Coffee? Space Aliens? What the heck has this here fine gallery sunk to? ...................Oh, wait, sorry, It's your gallery, Hehehe uh, never mind .....OOOK....I'll just go over here in the corner, and watch the paint dry. p.s. it's all p.p.s. I really like your "self portrait" too.
  9. OMGosh ! Still!? Has my absence from this Image Battle Post been so very missed that No One could get their finger/mouse in gear and VOTE?!?!? These two fine entry's deserve to be recognized for their merit, as well as their artists talent and effort. OK **************************************************************************************************** Nai very clever arrangement ice and strawberry , use of color and life like representations StarYoshi Yours has the "cartoon-esk" look down pat. The colors are bright and fit the subject matter. New Tally Nai = x15 StarYoshi = x14 Winner: NAI Well done to you both; Thank you for letting me see the entrys and to glean ideas for future projects
  10. Puff puff -whew, I made the deadline! Thanks Pixey for my-er the extension. * woodsy get better; starting now, please.
  11. [seen running in the studio....] Hay am I too late- the dog ate-er- I mean, I worked all night......
  12. Thank You Pixy for this interesting foray in to the "thermal zone", so to speak. Some very hot stuff on the entry side.---groan LionsDragon keep getting well; it'll only seemingly be forever. But rest, eat well, drink liquids and before you know it you'll be well
  13. Well This is a hot as I get ....
  14. Drew, My condolences to you at this sad time.