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  1. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    Maximize is back. I reconfigured it since it decided to break itself on my computer, so hopefully none of that. This project is on github now. Link to documentation added in my first post.
  2. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    I fixed the inconsistency in the version number for the file settings -- I think it was caused by moving from VS 2012 to VS 2017; I don't know what else might cause a change in behavior there.
  3. Brush Factory v1.4 (May 6th, 2017)

    I tested my download link and it appears to be functioning normally. Here's a copy of the .dll for version 1.4 anyway.
  4. NormalMapPlus v1.0

    @MJW Normal maps are computed from a 3D mesh. This is an approximation method using edge detection. The purple shade is the neutral color for a normal map with RGB values 128, 128, 255 since the RGB channels correspond to XYZ offsets for the computed lighting. Sobel edge detection and blurring is a typical solution to faking a normal map.
  5. SubLCD v1.2 (Jan 9, 2016)

    Eh, not a real loss.
  6. SubLCD v1.2 (Jan 9, 2016)

    @Rick Brewster Have you added sub-pixel font rendering to the roadmap agenda? If not, could you do so?
  7. How to make a gradient like this one?

    Fill a layer with the bright yellow color. Set your secondary color to transparent and primary color to drab olive green. Create a new layer, then use the linear reflected mode gradient to make diagonal lines with the dark olive green color. Do a Gaussian Blur with a high value like 150 on it. You can do it a couple times if you want. This is the result.
  8. [REQUEST] Frost glass effect

    I really don't know why this question hasn't been answered yet, so I'm going to go ahead and answer it. Get these two plugins: Clamped Gaussian Blur, Channel Operations Step 1: Get two layers ready. The top one will be made transparent and the bottom will be blurred. Step 2: Select the top (glassy) layer and apply Channel Ops to set alpha to 210 (or subtract 45). Step 3: Select the bottom (blurry) layer and apply clamped Gaussian blur at 16 radius. Done. Comparison of the actual Aero blur and simulated Aero blur. (Some artifacts due to a sloppy job, but point proven.) So again, I'm not sure why nobody could tell you to increase transparency on one layer and blur the other
  9. [REQUEST] Frost glass effect

    Post a picture of what you're talking about so I can see what you're asking for.
  10. Josh's Gallery (Anthony Scoffler)

    Opal ring The ring texture is made with bevel and fragment. Took 20 minutes. Done on 5/14/2017.
  11. Website

    The homepage should group awards with quotes and use a one-column layout with the download link made obvious. The "roadmap and changelog" page is really just a changelog, so it could be renamed (and the browser caption too). That's about all I'd change. Everything else is great.
  12. documentation

    [It would be nice if posts could be deleted rather than deleting the content and leaving this message.]
  13. documentation

    I thought there was missing information at one point, but there wasn't. However, it did prove that having a seperate Keyboard & Mouse Input page can go unnoticed. Segmenting the documentation of one feature into zones like that, however important, may be improved by linking to that page for convenience. Consider something along the lines of "To view all keyboard and mouse shortcuts, see this page."
  14. How to make semi-realistic pixel art style trees!

    You can use my Brush Factory plugin for that and simplify the process a lot. I know the UI is poor, so I'll show everyone how. 1. Set brush color. 2. Reduce brush size for 1-pixel strokes. 3. These are the spray options. Maybe I should rename them horizontal spray, vertical spray. 4. "Min" reduces the greenness randomly and "Max" increases it randomly. If the color is set to pure green, min/max will increase and decrease the brightness per-stroke. So you don't have to import it into paint anymore, and you can use other shapes / brush sizes as you please. For Cleanup / Coloring If all that noise is made on a separate layer, you can select the whitespace first and hit Ctrl + I to invert the selection instead.
  15. Josh's Gallery (Anthony Scoffler)

    Thank you Pixey, Woodsy, and LionsDragon. I made the tourmaline by drawing a lot of lines in Brush Factory with different hues (all at the same angle as the crystal, and overlapping). This gives the crystal that glossy look. I used motion blur on the lines in the direction they faced. I smudged all the lines together, especially along color zones, so they were cohesive. I used Channel Ops to overwrite Alpha with Saturation, then made a layer below and drew color to fill in the tourmaline. The band of extra translucence near the top is a section I decided to keep as-is. I then merged the layers and selected the edges of the crystal, which represent the faces that can be seen, and darkened them slightly. I finished by using TR's Dodge and Burn to increase saturation on the center of the crystal, especially around the top. If anybody wants to ask how any of my images are made, I can tell you. For drawn images that were converted to digital illustrations, I usually save the original drawing and major steps along the way to completion and can show them too.