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  1. Puff puff -whew, I made the deadline! Thanks Pixey for my-er the extension. * woodsy get better; starting now, please.
  2. [seen running in the studio....] Hay am I too late- the dog ate-er- I mean, I worked all night......
  3. Thank You Pixy for this interesting foray in to the "thermal zone", so to speak. Some very hot stuff on the entry side.---groan LionsDragon keep getting well; it'll only seemingly be forever. But rest, eat well, drink liquids and before you know it you'll be well
  4. Well This is a hot as I get ....
  5. Drew, My condolences to you at this sad time.
  6. A hearty Well Done and Congratulations! Pixey. Your skill shows in anything you try. To be in a second place with your entries, is my great honor.
  7. DoubleelduoD post
  8. In case it is not too late, I concur
  9. Thanks Pixey for picking up after for DewDale on the voting page
  10. Obviously she has you well and truly wrapped around her delicate paw. Our "little darling" has the same sense of's All hers. Oh, Samantha (Sammy/Samurai) says purrrr-urpp to your princess
  11. Pixey Your entry is a great blend of east meets west. It seems purrrfict for a signature Tootles
  12. Thank You DrewDale and Maximilian for your responses.
  13. Yeah, I was a Kansas boy -then it was fun...Now I'm several years along and it's the California life for me.
  14. Wisconsin, Minnesota ....Burrr... Oh and Happy New Year Too
  15. Having absolutely no clue about anime or manga characters; I used the sample #1 DrueDale provided, as a reference. I was able to get my mouse to curve only so much, thus the beautiful free flowing lines of the original are sadly missing (as if I could have done them justice anyway ).