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Copy, paste, then move the pasted area...?

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I'm trying to do something that seems quite simple, but I'm completely baffled.

I want to select part of an image, copy it, paste it into the same image, then move the copied part to a different place in the image before adding it. (I don't want to change the copied area; I just want to add content that is the same as the copied area.)

When I try this, here's what happens:

1. I select an area using the Rectangle Select tool.

2. Edit menu > Copy

3. I clear the selection: Edit menu > Deselect. (Maybe this isn't necessary, but I don't want to replace what I've copied with the same thing, right?)

4. Edit menu > Paste

5. Even though I've cleared the selected area, the pasted area appears in the same place I copied it from. It's selected, with control dots around it.

6. I switch to the Move Selected Pixels too and try to move the pasted area. I zoom in so I'm sure I'm dragging inside the area, not on any of its control dots. Nonetheless, all I can do is expand or contract the area, as though I were dragging a control dot.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, on the Tools palette, why do the Move Selected Pixels and Move Selection tools both say "Shortcut key: M" ? (Two tools can't have the same shortcut, can they?)

Thanks, Ander

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That's exactly what I was doing (as I described, just with more words). I tried it over and over---but all I could do was stretch the pasted selection.

However, I tried it again just now and it worked fine. It must've been a bug in my current session, when I posted. Software... ya gotta love it. Sorry for the confusion.

Cheers, ander

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